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Mind you - this doesn't address the legislation in question, only the POS legislators who are fleeing their responsibilities. If the Republicans flee to avoid a vote, this flag is easy enough to update!


(pardon me while I put on my flame-retardant suit)

I wonder, other than filibustering for real, how is what the Democratic Senators in WI are doing any different than the easy, no-cost filibustering the Republicans did in 2009 and 2010 stopping any and all legislation and compromise in the US Senate?  At least these people are REALLY doing something, instead of just whispering "filibuster" and stopping votes.

This is true democracy in action, a minority is taking a stand for something they REALLY believe in by doing something drastic (and non-violent).  Otherwise, if we cannot do things like this, then every time we have a change in majority, the government (state or national) gets jerked around back and forth so much we'll all die of whiplash.
Snerk. I knew someone would bring this up, and that it might be you, Jack.  8^ )  Welcome back.

I suppose you can argue that the Wisconsin Democrats are just "using the rules" to achieve thier goals, but I would disagree.  D-uh.

One, I would submit that constituitonally, the intended check against majoritarian abuses was intended to be the courts, and the next election cycle, vice legislative road rallys, but I admit I don't know the Wisconsin constitution in detail. 

In the Federal legislature, the Senate Republicans use  the tools available to them, and the majority has tools (which yes, involve negotiating with the minority) to overcome those tools.  That is part of the give and take, and follows the rules.

This is more akin to taking your toys and going home.  This is a tyranny of the 1 percent, so to speak - something that works both ways.  Whether it's a simple majority that gets to then do whatever it wants, or, in this case, a minority who can simply put a stop to legislating altogether.

I understand that the rules essentially allow them to do this, and I'm sure they see themselves as bravely speaking truth to power, and a power they clearly see as illegitimate - of course, it's a tactic they would condemn in the strongest terms were they the party in power.

I simply said a pox on their childish behavior.  And would do the same to Republicans.

No, I don't see the filibuster as morally equivalent.  If you do - then we're just going to talk past each other.

As far as Indiana is concerned....

1.  Walkouts make for great political theater that plays well to the base of both Political parties, energizing that base.  You should see the facebook posts........

2.  We never ever pass a budget or significant legislation until the final 48 hours of any session.  The time spent between the first pitch and the final out is spent in activities furthering #1.

3.  The walkout gave Governor Daniels the time to get away, and a great platform for the  campaign speach he gave in Cincinnati last night urging Ohio Republicans to fight the good fight.

4.  The significant bi-partisan legislation was passed prior to the walkout so as to not endanger the "good stuff".

5.  Republicans, with their newfound control of both houses, came to town this session with a really significant (for Indiana) social agenda and the numbers to pass it.  Some folks just don't like the idea of having to pay for somebody else's kids to attend private school, and bus 'em there.......I just don't understand it.

Got any more of those flame retardent suits, Jack?  XL if you please........ 

This is psyops!  I'm telling Michael Hastings @ Rolling Stone.

McChrystal's scalp wasn't an accident and Caldwell's scalp isn't a coincidence.
Yay! Jack's back!

*waving hiya* 2009 and 2010 stopping any and all legislation and compromise in the US Senate?

What's so great about passing (or even compromising on) *bad* legislation?

And ObamaCare *did* pass in 2010.

At least these people are REALLY doing something, instead of just whispering "filibuster" and stopping votes.

That's the same as saying someone who dropped his rifle and ran *fought* in a battle while those who stood their ground -- didn't.

For all that we have in common, the politics post sure can limn the differences, eh?

Your graphic is a PSYOP.  I'm dropping a dime to Michael Hastings at Rolling Stone
It's one thing to use all the tools at your disposal to get as much of your agenda passed as possible. It's quite another thing to essentially thumb your nose at those on the other side and take your ball and go home.

Elections have consequences, I'm sure I heard that somewhere before. The 2010 elections put a lot of Democrats out on their ear and the power shift put Republicans in charge of several places that aren't used to Republicans being more than a barely tolerated step-children.

Democrats and Republicans don't speak the same language. I've got friends of both kinds and sometimes the conversations between parties gets surreal. "Bush lied and people died" "What did he lie about?" "WMD's" "The British intelligence service still stand by the report Bush cited, where's the lie?" "Bush LIED!", etc. etc.

Although I'm independent at various times I have been a Libertarian (although I dropped out several years ago), Democrat and Republican. The Libertarian is the only party I've actually joined; the others were because I've donated to specific campaigns and they automatically entered me into the ranks. I include this as background information for the following.

Lawmakers of any party who leave the state to avoid voting on issues should face some form of punishment. They are stealing from the people of their state and they should be held to account. If they find they can't in good conscience fulfill their duties they should resign and let someone else do the job.

Teachers who call in sick and then go to political rallies should be prosecuted and probably should lose their jobs. I can't speak about anywhere else, but here teachers (with a bachelor's) start at over $30,000 a year. That is not underpaid, not here. They have their pensions paid for and the health insurance they have is better than most - they still have a $500 deductible.

I have a real problem with public sector workers being unionized. Imagine the havoc if the armed forces were unionized!

This isn't the bad old days when miners are sent down into dangerous mines with no safety equipment, unions had a place then. Today unions are not about workers, they are about amassing power for the union bosses.

As a taxpayer I expect those who take my money to use it wisely. I don't want them to throw it away so they can feel better and boost their self-esteem. I would love to be able to say, "Sure, you deserve more money - how much do you want?" to the police and firefighters who protect my life and to the many other municipal workers who work for the city I live in. It just isn't possible, there isn't enough money in the bank to do it. I would feel a lot less generous if they stopped doing their jobs and demanded I cough up more money to them, just like I'm sure Wisconsonites (Wisconsonians?) feel about their public workers right now.

I know I've flitted here and there but I'm afraid if I tried to flesh out the points I would end this comment sometime next week and several thousand words later.

If anyone has seen the concept, nevermind the pics (whooeee) of the Tilted Kilt that the AWOL (Absent With Out Legislating) Democrats fled to, could one be forgiven for wondering why the NOW crowd isn't up in flabby arms over their choice of hideouts?

This place puts Hooters to shame (?) with their sexist and demeaning caricatures of women portrayed as servile sex objects and being forced to cater to the leering whims of slobbering men creatures.

Also, any bets that the Tilted Kilt doesn't pay minimum wage and is not unionized?

Would not that be three strikes against them?

I also can but wonder, if it had been Republicans who fled their elected duties and chose to hang out at such a pub, if there would not be a national day of handwringing outrage being plastered all over the MSM and blogosphere....

All that being said.  "Lass, another pint please!"
Heh, anytime a  legislator is not making up new laws is good.
Let 'em party. It will be cheaper.
I'm all in favor of basing the pay of congresscritter's pay based on attendance and voting record.

Miss a day, you get docked a day's pay.

Vote "present", get docked a day's pay.

It seems to work for the working class, isn't that fair for our elected officials?
I'm all in favor of basing the pay of congresscritters on attendance and voting record.

Miss a day, you get docked a day's pay.

Vote "present", get docked a day's pay.

It seems to work for the working class, isn't that fair for our elected officials?
 The current version of Unions is Jerry Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy exemplified. Tne mission of the Union is long forgotten, and those who are concerned with the life of the union itself, are running things. It's all about padding the nest of slugs like McEntee and Trumpka.

One post over at Lex's place quoted a part of Wisconsin law that appears to apply to legislators as well. They could be subject to a felony prosecution, right along with the teachers that ran out on their duties.

A couple guys who were in 'Nam, a retired Warrant Officer pilot and a former Crew Chief, and myself were joking about fighting the Vietnam War with Unionized Mechanics. It didn't last long, as Sunday School started about 5 minutes after the silliness began, but it was hilarious.

Next up on the National Geographic Channel: "Migratory Behavior of the Wisconsin Democrat"...

 Over at Hot Air there's a post about the someone using the WI Senators hiding out in Rockford as a tourist selling point.

SFC D, I'd dock 'em a weeks pay for voting "present." If that's the best they can do, tehn they are, at best pusillanimous, at worst derelict in their duties.
Unions.  I saw a photo of a union supporter who was brandishing a sign that had the letters "RTW" with a red circle and slash around it.

RTW = Right To Work, thus the union dude was saying "No Right To Work".

I thought the irony was amusing, if not Orwellian.