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Okay, vacation's over. Skool is back in session.

If anyone gets this one quickly, we'll know  who our real geek grognards are.  Easy enough to tell what is in the picture - we're looking for the whole enchilada, not just a component of the filling...


T'ain't German -- the bead-welding's too sloppy.
Given the welding as Bill noted I'm gonna say Soviet. Maybe part of a armored carrier of some sort.
No real idea, but my first thought was a side port on either an early M4 Sherman or a M-3 Stuart for firing a pistol out of. 
No way. That's an unbuttoned pocket flap on a VN-era Laotian jungle kammo fatigue blouse.
Just what herbs are in that herbal tea yer drinking, Mz. Keating?

One part/side of  a optical ranger turret mounted on a is-4 heavy tank .

My guess

Arte et Marte

 Gun trainers sight port on a bag gun turret.
It's an Enchilada!!
If your google fu is waning, take a break and go visit Lex, who has a video up on the Girandoni air rifle that was carried by Lewis and Clark on their expedition. New to me as a civilian.
It looks like a machine gun port on a tank turret.  Maybe a Soviet one.  So sez the Engineer, who requested that I type this in his name.
Geez, Russ.  Pimpin' other peeps at my place!  Driving away my traffic!  Waaaaaaaah!
If there was another port on the opposite side of tank, it could be a parallax-range finder sighting system. Possibly a JS-3 for the Soviets like a previous poster suggested. The poor welding job would put it outside a rush job for the US military since even a rush job like that would be too outside of tolerance for acceptance back in those days.
 I was going to say a steroscopic rangefinder on a tank. I agree with HH on the quality of the weld and its Ivanish provenance.

Go easy on Russ Sir John of Argghhh. I've pimped your place over at Lex's and he's pretty gracious about such acts of sedition. He doesn't cry about it either.

To me, the shape of the thing looks too smooth for WW1, so I put it at WW2 or maybe even the Korean War on either Soviet or Chinese tank.  Could be an early personnel carrier, but the amount of armor and possible turret ring above the protuberance leads me to think of a tank.

A friend of mine just took a few second look and said it was a Grant version on an M4 chassis. Or a Lee on Sherman chassis.
A friend of mine took a few seconds look at it and said it could be either a Grant or Lee on a Sherman chassis.

QM - "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...!"

; ^ )

Opon careful consideration, I'm pretty sure it's not a fruit. So I'm gonna have to agree with og here.
Actually, I was hoping to draw you into expounding on the Girandoni air rifle. 20 rounds in ~30 seconds, 40 shots before losing pressure. So much for trying to start a rabbit trail.
Remembering  back to a conversation we had back around 1999? 2000? (something about the top of the turret flexing when you stood  on it) I will go with the parallax range finder part and postulate Soviet  export model T-72 as additional details.
Navig8r - that discussion wasn't on the blog, we've only been around since 2003.

Russ - since Lewis and I are second cousins (6 times removed) perhaps family deserves a stand-alone post, vice a diversion here?