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New political label!

Hmmm. A buddy of mine has suggested a new name for the Democrat's new sub-caucus of legislators who flee votes they won't win: "Fleebaggers"

In truth - this label would apply to any legislators who flee because they can't win, and in a sense, choose to shut down the legislature out of spite.

I'll make this distinct from people who stay present and use available parliamentary procedure to block or delay votes - they at least are present for duty.

H/t, Kevin, who's idea it is.

UPDATE: Clearly, great minds think alike.  More than once.


Works pretty well for those who also flee from responsibility, and facing tough votes, by habitually voting "PRESENT"

Now that  would be really interesting, let's get a list of all of those who fled their responsibilities. I am not just talking about voting. We would be really surprised at those in that crowd.  Yeah, the strangest thing about being an "Auld Phart", is that we have a wider scope to compare these things. One of those things that you learn is this, you may grow old, but that does not necessarily mean grow up. I have seen 20 year old men and 70-year-old children. I am not taking out of the humor out of life, we need to laugh. But, we also need the discipline of maturity.  
Dollars to doughnuts that, come next tax season, they'll write off mileage, gasoline, and the motel rooms as "business expenses"...
Shouldn't that be donuts to dollars then?
Nah, doughnuts.

Donuts are the fast-food version of 'em...

Drat!  Knew I moved too late to copyright my idea.

Oh the lost royalties from Tshirts, bumperstickers, coffee mugs, tea cozies and neon-yellow g-string imprints.

BTW.  I'll just file that 'great mind' accolade away for future reference....
I'd love to see "Fleebaggers" cited for derliction of duty. If I run away from my job I don't get paid. Stay away long enough, I get fired.

Just pathetic.
Flight from the state from time to time by Legislators of both parties is a time honored tradition in Indiana.

Once upon a time, a similar flight to Kentucky kept us in the Union.

I've searched all day for the downside of a State Legislature, (also intent on gutting some Disabled Veterans Benefits), being unable to transact business.  I'm having a hard time finding that downside.
Ah - Mr. Jewell brings up a different issue entirely.  Just keeping them out of session altogether!
Brings to mind that chorus from the well-loved 'Battle of New Orleans', by the late Johnny Horton.
"And they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles and they ran through the bushes where the rabbits couldn't go.  They ran so fast that the sheriffs couldn't catch 'em...went down the Mississipi to the Gulf of Mexico..."

Or something like that.