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Let's pan out a bit on that whatziss and see if any paradigms shift.

I admit that with what I gave you yesterday, I probably would have gotten the nationality of the object, but would have had no idea *what* version of what it was.  This picture would drive me bonkers for two reasons - it would cause me to question my initial call on the builder - but I would have this sense of "I *know* what this is..."  bouncing around in my skull all day. 


Looks Krauish to me.  My guess is a Panther (PzKpfw V) with some sort of stereo rangefinder port on the side(s). 
Camo paint job looks Geramn too.
Seeing as how the turret appears to have an entry hatch on the
side, I'm guessing a large naval or shore battery turret.
What looks like a navy entry hatch is probably an ejection port so they can shove out the fired cartridge case.
T-34,  I think.
How about an armored personnel carrier with a 37 millimeter cannon in a turret?  BMP? Some versions also had an anti-tank missile launcher on them.
Doesn't look like any Soviet tank I ever saw... a turret on an armored train?
What's up with the heavy metal all of the sudden?
I got pics and haven't been doing that many whatziss' of late.  Gotta service the customers. You got a beef?
 I'm still going with a steroscopic rangefinder. Parallax rangefinder if you prefer. As my country boy father would have said "same difference."
Prototype of what would become the M41 Walker Bulldog light tank.
Is that perhaps an early design of smoke generator, the sort of thing that tanks use as countermeasures against visually-aimed antitank weapons?

Looks like a blister for a range finder for a tank of some kind.