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I was going to use this as a Whatziss...

...but decided to just post it, instead.

Marines with Combat Assault Battalion, Ground Combat Element, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade Forward, III Marine Expeditionary Force, in amphibious assault vehicles train with smoke grenades here Feb. 11, 2011. The training evolution also included courses of fire with the M2 50. caliber heavy machine gun and the Mk19 automatic grenade launcher at a newly-constructed range built for multinational training by Marines from 4th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, III MEF, and Combat Assault Battalion, 3rd MarDiv, both assigned to GCE during Exercise Cobra Gold 2011.Cobra Gold 2011 is a yearly multinational, joint training exercise designed to improve partner nation interoperability. Photo by Pfc. Mark Stroud



Smoke grenades? With a 5-meter bursting radius?

I don' theenk so, Lucy...
By the brownish auborn hue of them puffy doughnuts, I'd say that they are producing a lot of nitrous oxide from their conflagrations.  Not exactly high explosives, but enough to get anyone's attention (even for rough leathernecks).
"The Marines went bravely forward dispite the barrage of giant cow patties."
Mutant space fungi with cat hair for scale?
Oooooo, can I get some of dem for the next July Fourth neighborhood fireworks display??  It could be a new drinking game:  See who can shoot the most bottle rockets through the doughnut hole before it dissipates, but you have to chug a beer or do a shot, whatever your poison, before each attempt.
They're obviously pine cone wreaths air-dropped from the back of a C-17.
Training rounds instead of using WP Smoke?  It's considered bad form to set the training area ablaze.
.Aaaaaannnd Stroud once again delivers a kick-a$$ photo.
TOTALLY kick-a$$.

Reminds me of the Christmas Wreaths that my mom used to make for the holidays out of cornflakes, some green dye, a couple hotshot candies and whatever the heck those odd little silver ball candies were.

I suspect they were about as lethal as these 'puff's', especially in mass quantities.
Ooh that's purty! It reminds me of the cover pictures of Hugo Gernsback's magazines in the Twenties.  Let us see some Space Battleships in the next picture.
As I was scrolling down I was like "Why are they posting about cookies... " lol