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Breaking news!

And the wheel goes 'round, and 'round, and 'round...  the crypt was opened and a steak, er, stake has been driven through the heart of General McChrystal.  There is much rejoicing amongst the Fobbits!  And probably amongst those who man the outposts, if they ever get a chance to get to Kabul.  Hey - Bill - there's your next job!  Flying pizza delivery to the COPs! 

First fast-food vendor reopens in Afghanistan
Task Force Rushmore Public Affairs

CAMP PHOENIX, Afghanistan – The first reopening of a fast-food vendor in Afghanistan was held today at Camp Phoenix in the nation’s capital of Kabul, since the ban was lifted on such amenities on U.S. military installations last September. Pizza Hut fired up its ovens and opened its doors to anxious servicemembers wanting a “taste of home.”

“This is the first Pizza Hut that has reopened back here in Afghanistan,” said Rick Mora, Army and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) general manager for northern Afghanistan. “We have been waiting now for about four months to reopen; it has taken a lot of coordination, but we are very proud to be back.”
The lifted ban, which was originally placed by former International Security Assistance Force Commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal, because of space and logistical concerns, will now allow each individual base commander to decide which restaurants to bring back.

“These restaurants just bring a taste of home and good feeling here,” added Mora. “The DFAC (dining facility) folks do a fantastic job and they take good care of us with 24-hour service and nothing against them, but there is always something great about a name-brand, fast-food chain that just brings a piece of home here to Afghanistan for the troops.”

Soldiers are also excited to have a different selection of foods available to them and for the ban to be lifted.

“Reopening the Pizza Hut here gives us a variety of foods to choose from. The DFAC is free, but sometimes we just need a change and everyone loves pizza,” said Spc. Jess Boysen, 196th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, South Dakota Army National Guard. “I’m glad the ban got lifted and Soldiers can enjoy a little bit of home from Afghanistan; it boosts troop morale.”

Although Camp Phoenix is the first base to bring back a fast-food restaurant, more are expected to reopen across Afghanistan.

“We have Burger King planned to open here in about 45 days and multiple other openings throughout the camps coming up,” said Mora. “The next will be at Bagram (Air Field) for a Pizza Hut and a Burger King in about two weeks.”

I seem to remember a slightly different motivation, or shall we say additional motivator for General McChrystal's ordering out the fast food joints...   along the lines of the Staff Weenies needed a reminder they were at war. 

Of course, the American Way of War has long included fast foods of one sort or another, whether it was the"Donut Lassies" of  the Salvation Army during World War One, or the "Donut Dollys" of the Red Cross during WWII and beyond -  or Pizza Hut in the 'Stan.  Speaking of the ladies serving donuts...National Donut Day was started in 1938 to honor those volunteers.

I remember when the first Burger Kings opened in Germany in the early 80's.  Being a glass half-empty kind of guy, I was grumpy that the Navy chose McDonald's, we got Burger King.  I still wish AAFES had McDs...  I've not been a fan of BK since they got rid of the Yumbo.


COP or COS? Combat OutPost is the realistic term, but the PC crowd prefers Contingency Operating Site.

To go along with the kinder, gentler form of warfare contingency operations they have nowadays...
Mmmmmm!  Donuts!

(Hey someone had to say it.)

How do you get a job as a "Donut Dolly"????
Screw the PC crowd, Bill.
Hmmm - CPL Reese beat them all to the punch.

They'd *like* it too much...

*shaking ankle in attempt to dislodge PG-17e*
"Screw the PC crowd, Bill."

Just say NO!  You could make more of the little buggers....especially in light of the defunding of Planned Parenthood.
Jus' sayin'.
Bagram, FEB 02.  No BK.  No Pizza hut.  Actually, no DFAC.  BUT...I had a stellar 2LT that made logistics flights weekly to Kuwait or Qatar.  And ALWAYS came back with a bucket of KFC or a pizza.  We probably should have died eating it (sometimes it was 3-4 days old) but damn it was good!  Best LT I ever raised!
Wait 'til they get Krispy Kremes.   'Nuff said.  MacPheeter's Barracks had the best burgers.  MickyD's are just plain dry.  Even the Bavarian McDonald's (the one with the McDrive) and the Fulda McDonald's couldn't come close to an AAFES burger.  BK has gone down the tubes; their burgers are precooked and not grilled to order any more.
BK, KFC, and Pizza Hut did a thriving business in the weeks following the "Oooops -- the DFAC water wasn't hot enough to sterilize the dishes and flatware" debacle in '08.

And again in '09 and last year.

Fortunately, those were the times when we were doing a lot of our own cooking at the schoolhouse -- we already *knew* what wasn't safe to eat from the local markets...

Oh, Cricket! Say it ain't so! I never saw a McD until I was already well into my twenties; the South was BK land. Of course, nothing beats the Varsity in Atlanta, and they don't make you pay in advance, either.

There always have been, always are, and always will be camp followers of all kinds, among them people selling offically-un-approved delicacies to the troops. I'm talking food here, get y'all's minds out of the gutter! 
Sir John- I feel pretty much the same about Burger King. The Navy definitely got the better end on that deal.

To heck with fast food. I'd trade our apparently imminent Pizza Hut for a judo or aikido school any day.
Saker - find some like-minded folk and start one.

I find it hard to believe that this has received a "nihil obstat" from First Dietician of the USofA Michelle Obama.  "Fast Food" has serious health consequences, and she means it.
What I found truly ironic - if the purpose was to shake up the REMF staff pukes who needed reminding that their was an actual war on, the policy was probably destined to fail from the beginning.

That's because the two biggest HQs full of REMFs over which McChrystal had any control over any vendors - HQ ISAF and USFOR-A - didn't have any of those vendors (BK, Pizza Hut, Popeye's) to begin with.  HQ ISAF has a whole bunch of cantina's run by various NATO national support elements, and other than banning alcohol sales, COMISAF has no control over them at all.

Probably the biggest effect was denying troops transiting BAF on their way home for R&R the opportunity to get a burger, chicken, or pizza.

(Note: I never spent a dime at any of those places during my tour.  Why bother when I had free food at the DFAC?)
JTG, no offense taken, as camp followers were usually wives of soldiers to begin with. Someone had to do the Care and Feeding of Uniforms and Troops, as well as help the battle surgeons.
My mom and I used to call each other camp followers, but out of respect.

I have not eaten at the Varsity yet (hangs head in shame and disgrace), because it is rather too far to travel just to get a good burger.  I make excellent burgers at home. 

But, while stationed in Europe, it was far better to eat what the locals did.  I have a hankering for Jagerschnitzel with fried potatoes and rotkohl.

Question ---- "How do you get a job as a "Donut Dolly"????

Answer ???? - "Screw the PC crowd........"

Sometimes timing is everything!!!!

For Mike L:
But isn't it illegal to "Screw the PC crowd........" in almost ALL locations?  Or didn't you mean that in a "camp follower" sense?

Cricket, try the Varsity Junior, not the main one next to Ga. Tech. It is much more friendly and easygoing. I think it's on the northeastern side of town, on Lindbergh or LaVista. Sorry, ain't been in 'Lah'a in seven years, or so. They still did cook the best burgers and onion rings anywhere inside the Perimeter, last time I was there. And provided free shakers full of Cayenne pepper.