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A moment of Gunner Zen

Gun drill on HMS Camperdown.  A place for everyone, and everyone (and thing) in their place.

 If you'd like a larger version of this pic, click here.


Obviously a field artillery gun crew transplanted to a boat.

"And the Number Five Gunner's job is to hold the horses..."
I'm thinking he's got the powder, Bill.
Naw, that's *obviously* the stanchion and ring for securing the horses.

Odd that John Huston never wanted to film The Horse Sailors, innit?

#5 is holding a moveable "butt can" Mk III.  The smoking lamp is out.

It also appears to be a down year for HM Navy and their budget.  The poor Johnny Jack Tars have no shoes.  
Clearly, this is a stage set for HMS Pinafore. The "horse staunchion" is actually a fallen theatrical light that miraculously did not land on the dancers. They're doing a great job of carrying on with the show. It must have been terrifying.
Cue Ella Tee for the pas de cinq with the gun crew!
Mizz Susan may be right -- the stanchion appears to be absent from this version...
My toes hurt just thinking of all the ways you could hurt yourself with no shoes and heavy objects on a ship. That guy in front looks like his toes are just inches from getting smashed.
Note the Nordenfeldt in the upper left corner?  

Brad - ya, saw that - was wondering if anyone was going to pick up on "England expects..."
I see that name, and promptly think of the Clampherdown.  'Course, it was the Clamperdown's adversary that had the Nordenfeldt.


 No one is nearfoot. They are wearing undyed leather boat shoes for better traction on decks and in rigging.

  Fellow on the right has the "pass box"  holding the next round. 
Ist that the Camperdown which had that horrible stupid collision? (Admiral did not understand "tactical diameter" or forgot about it, and his subordinates were too diffident to his august authority to insist that he had his head wedged.)
Yup, after referring to referencencicalnesses, I say she's the one alright, and the winner of the collision.  The loser, HMS Victoria, went down with great loss of life.
I must say, the guy with the beard is looking like he's got some fearsome dance moves.
 Did someone say "Clamperdown"?

It was our warship Clamperdown,
Would sweep the Channel Clean.
Wherefore she kept her hatches close,
When the merry Channel chops arose,
To save the bleached Marine.

She had one bow gun, of a hundred ton,
And a great stearn gun beside,
And they wracked their stays and stauntions free,
As they dippped their noses in the open sea,
In the wash of the wind-whipped tide.
~Rudyard Kipling

There be much more to it, but I'll spare ye's as not be

Caption -- "Navy Day as celebrated on the pond at Castle Argghhh."