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A Mole In Kandahar

When I stumbled upon this picture, my first thought was: "What the helk is the Iranian President Mad-Mook-Add-My-Jimmy-Dad doing behind the Staff Sgt"?  Do we have a mole infiltrating our base in Kandahar?  And if so, what is he thinking to himself?

(Click to Embiggen to Hi-Rez)

The real caption reads:
Staff Sgt. Harrison Ragin positions the ammo in an A-10C Thunderbolt II during a demonstration for the Afghan air force, Feb. 22, 2011, at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. The munitions demonstration was organized to show the efficiency and safety that has helped make the U.S. Air Force successful. Sgt. Ragin is a load crew chief assigned to the 451st Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Willard E. Grande II/Released)
The link to the story is: HERE.

Supposedly he is an Afghan Air Force Non Comm, but I'm not convinced.  Who knows, for all I know, Mad-Mook-Add-My-Jimmy-Dad might just be interested in the vittles over at the DFAC.



He doesn't appear to have hearing protection on, probably not invited to the party, and came over for a look-see...
One of the benies of long term inbreeding. You get lots of folk that can stand in for body doubles.
USAF Safety? The same fellows who *accidently* shipped live nuke warheaded cruise missiles from North Dakota to Louisianna, and nobody figured it out till the guys taking the missiles off the pylons went "Uh, that's *NOT* right!"
Richard Brown -- Everyone involved in that error at Minot was disciplined accordingly. Their counterparts at Barkesdale caught the mistake immediately even though they weren't expecting nukes, meaning they stuck to their training and their checklist.
 What I want to know, is what is Saddam Hussein doing 
in the background. Thought they hung him.