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Today in history...

1903 What a Dick Department:  On 21 January, 1903, the Dick Act establishes the modern National Guard.  Just a reminder - all you guy who aren't in one of the organized militias are *still* in the unorganized one...  you may commence the snarkage.

1954: On this day the USS Nautilus was launched.

1968: Vietnam - The Siege of Khe Sanh begins.

1977: Washington, DC.  Jimmy Carter validates the parking of all the draft dodgers who avoided places like... Khe Sanh.  Righties bemoan lack of summary executions. Lefties bitch the pardon was insufficiently broad.  And all positions in between...


HA - I'm 20 days older than the Nautilus (if you count when she was commissioned) - and in better shape too. Well, at least I'm not in a museum, I won't push it further than that.
i prefer the Militia Act of 1792, I think it was, to the Dick Act.  I think the latter was passed by Pwogs to smother the objections by some states that the Feds had no business sending state militiamen to the Phillipines to civilize them with a Krag.
My next door neighbor was a navy medic attached to the marines at Khe Sanh. He had PTSD (only then it was "shell shock") for years after he returned. It was a terrible time in U.S. history droned incessantly by uncle Walter's "all is lost! all is lost!" nightly news. Ole Lyndon did the American people no favors by down playing the terrible losses that his micro management inflicted on the U.S. Soldier. A brother of mine said, you know when you heard on the news 8 killed in VC attack? How does that explain the full plane load of caskets we flew back? I wonder if some historian some day will ever correlate casualty figures reported with actual casualty counts on the wall? If the historian finds the news even reported 20% of the actual figure I would be surprised.
Heh.  I'm surprised that no one in this group jumped on The Pardon.

Joe - the media today doesn't report every fatality.  At least not the national media.  When you cast the net to include local media, I would guess that nearly every casualty gets a mention somewhere.

And for people who *want* to know the info is available on the DoD media websites.

That said, the flying caskets back against numbers reported in a specific action weren't always going to coincide.  People were getting killed all over Vietnam, bodies weren't always recovered immediately, some took more prep than others for movement, and nobody was reporting the guys who died in accidents and had heart attacks for instance.  I receive every casualty notification the Pentagon releases, you'd be surprised at the numbers of "non-combat" deaths.  I know I was.  They've actually dropped off as we've become less active in Iraq - fewer vehicle roll-overs.
RE: "Heh. I'm surprised that no one in this group jumped on The Pardon"

I took a day to think about it.   My views have changed over the years.

Forty years after the fact I find that I feel less animosity toward the draft dodgers who went to Canada, possibly out of some conviction, than I feel for those who chose simply *not* to serve and were able to avoid it by turning the system to their advantage through legal draft deferments.

Those same ones who, now older and politically connected, wish to exercise control of a Military they felt they were too good for in their youth.

Fair enough, Master Jewell.
 If you think I'm going to touch the straight line about, “The Dick Act of 1903”, you're crazier than I am.

 Mr. Jewell, ages interesting thing, if it wasn't guys ducking the draft by going to Canada, they were either getting married and having kids or going to college and not doing anything with the Military.

Even as you look at that time, remember at that time, what about the reserves and National Guard, they were nowhere near as active as they are now.

Mr. Jewell, good point!
I am not afraid of the Dick Act;, I just despise it. I do think the Founders got it right the first time, that is, everybody shows up for militia drill or he doesn't get to vote, and volunteers only for foreign wars.

Oh, Quartermaster, if you are reading, this is a reply to your comment on the SHOT show post: 

I am very sorry, but as Michael Z. Williamson has personally exempted me from being fed through the wood chipper with the other FL voters, I must take employment with him when _he_  becomes dictator.  He has offered me a position as throttleman on one of his chippers.