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The Whatziss, revealed...

I'm minded to give constructive credit to Og, for his captioning skillz, and to Slick Rick for being the closest to the truth - because while according to DL Sly, who provided the picture, this is a buncha folks from her welding class screwing around with a wet-suit, in this iteration, it looks a heckuva lot more like a Gimp suit!

Blame Sly, not I.



Blame me!??  I'm not the one who decided to make this a Whatziss.  I sent the pic in a totally unrelated thread.
Although, I did enjoy the various comments.  Well, except for MM's John Boy and Billy vid.  That was just *wrong*.  I, at least, have alcohol and the end of a very long semester as my defense of lunacy.  Those two in the vid are straight up sober.  And that is scary.
That still looks like some kind of kinky fetish wear you'd see in a perverted Teletubbies S&M club ..... not that there's anything "wrong" with that.  LOL
Hey! That *is* Sly -- I recognize the scar on her left ankle, which she got by -- very clumsily -- decapitating a troll with her X-acto kukri while flirting foraging for sycophants at Cassie's place in 2005...
Hey folks:  Just a thought how about some "Whereziss"?  I saw some WWI artillery pieces on the lawn of the courthouse in Dawson City, Yukon .  Now how many SWAGs do you think that would generate before some got that right?
Heyy, don't blame me!  The Big Guy and the Little Guy, along with their posse and hangers-on come up with some unusual stuff from time to time...
Still, it woulda been nice it you'd included a brain bleach warning.  Yanno?

Personally, though, I think John was waaaayyyy too kind.  I woulda went with the first crop just to watch y'all spin off on the artillery/weaponry tangent.
Well, so everybody is as innocent as the new snow, yeah, right. Armorer,  you know as well as I do, many times, you are judged by the characters around you.  
And there are certainly enough characters around here.

Hey, I have never claimed that I am not a polymorphous pervert. I am also a libertarian, (small L) so no initiation of force, of course.
Looks more like playing around with a Dry suit to me.  Try to blow up a Wet suit and the air just goes out.

Ya know like where the water comes in to make it a Wet suit!