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The State of the Union... best line.

 "The president isn’t the Father of the Nation or even the First Citizen of the Republic — he’s just the CEO of the national government on a four-year contract."

That came from Mark Krikorian, over at National Review Online

That is my favorite line of the SOTU speech and the related babblings and scribblings, because it really does get to the heart of how I've been moving in my view of governance in general.  This is especially true the farther away I get from the hero worship of Presidents bequeathed to me by my parents and grandparents, who had gone through three big wars and the Depression, from Wilson, to Roosevelt and Truman and with Ike in the White House when I was born and JFK soon to follow .

Mind you - I didn't watch it.  I never do.  I don't care how good the person delivering the speech is at speechifying, the clapping of the claques and the shout outs to the peeps is just irritating and distracting to me.

I read the version that the White House press office emails out. 

I would say add me to the group who says the President should just literally "mail it in" like they usually did before the rise of television, but that would be pointless since I already tune it out because I find the spectacle distracting and mostly just something for the talking heads to get "funny in the pants" over.  I'm sure many were the tingles going up and down chattering class legs last night.  Here, we read or watched re-runs.  And actually talked to each other.  About politics.  SWWBO, the elected Precinct Committeewoman is running for the local school board  at the urging of some local politicos- and as a result, I have to lay bare the labyrinth that ismy finances... 


Good Luck with that!

I didn't watch it either. Prefer to read it myself also. Primarily since the speeches aren't "his" but written by a speechwriter, so to me the delviery is nothing short of acting. Not entertaining acting at that either.
We watched the replay of the Steelers/Jets AFC Championship game on the NFL network.  Even though we saw it live, and knew the outcome, it was still vastly more entertaining than the kabuki theatre on display in the House last night.
I'll read the transcript today.........sometime.
The difference here, though, is that most good CEOs genuinely care about the economic health of their companies and, generally, the well-being of their employees.
Lay bare the labyrinth that is your finances for school board?  I doubt it.  Probably if she runs for governor some day.
Boy, I'd be real careful about that school board brother has gone bald during his years on the school board.......but then, he's one reason my property taxes aren't worth mentioning.
You guys missed some good comedy!  He cracked a couple jokes during the address. 

Here's one.

Context:  He's talking about reducing the size of government and uses the Salmon Agencies as an analogy, "we have an agency for salmon in fresh water and an agency for the SAME salmon when they enter salt water" 

Then he goes on to say: 

I quote: 

"you should see how complicated it gets once they're smoked!!!" 

Que laughing and *applause* sign lights up.

Yanno what? Based on her entrepreneurial experience (I'm interested in supporting that business, by the way), her military spousal unit experience, and her keeper-of-her-own-personal-blog experience, SWWBO has more qualifications than Teh One to be on that school board. More managerial, financial and martial background.

I'd vote for her.
Nah, Jim - it's true, gotta fill out the same disclosure forms. 
Used "together" as a drinking game.  Trashed in the 1st 15 minutes.  Not sure what he said after that.

Nor do I care.
Your most favoured President Obama has very nicely written speeches but I didn't even bother reading the transcript this time.

Why?  Talk isn't action.  He is an executive.  A CEO as has been said.  The chief of the clan chiefs executive for the most powerful nation on this little marble.  Executives are suppose to execute actionables.  Instead Obama talks.  He talks and talks and talks and talks and talks.  What's more, with the election coming up, he'll talk even more and be joined by a half dozen more people who talk and talk.

President Obama keeps repeating about pie in the sky hopes for what is essentially a Wirtschaftswunder.  I, and most of the US including most of those who voted for him, have absolutely no cofidence he could ever be part of achieving something of this kind.  Not that the US doesn't need it.  Rather direly actually.  I will be the first to Admit Obama did and does a great job at the hope and dream inspire part of leading.  But a hope or dream that isn't followed up and lead somewhere is just a wish.  President Obama really believes those new shoots should have come by now.  He's confused and worried they will not adequately show in order for him to be reelected.

These new shoots are not going to show.

The right may rejoice but it's very sad for the US actually.  It may be in a real and permanent decline.  And that is the state of the union.

Fortunately, I was driving to work the next day when the One was pontificating.  I skimmed through the transcript and saw no hope for change.  The Dems will defend their sacred cows and the GOP theirs and meanwhile the Chinese are waiting in the shadows to collect our collective soul. 
We're in decline because Obama and the rest of the liberal leadership already believed, or accepted, the premises Fareed Zakaria wrote about in "The Post-American World".

We're declining only because we refuse to make significant cultural and systemic changes to alter our course. 

Well, Argent, since you've so harshed my mellow, I no longer feel bad about neglecting to mention "Australia Day!"
We are planning to build a new daycare center in Orlando. Do you think is a good idea? Thank you so much
"Win the future" nine times.  Errmm ... "WTF"?!

Win The Future ...... because, unfortunately, we seem to have lost the present.
 No, it's actually "WIN the future".
As in "Whip Inflation Now The Future"; the meaning is dependent on vocal inflexions.

No, punctuation;

"Whip! Inflation! Now, The Future!
"Talk isn't action"
Argent - I think you deserve a prize for the most succinct statement, that's exactly how I felt.  Not that I could stand to listen to the whole thing. Talk will get us very little when the actions are the opposite.
Much of it was a head feint for the electorate.
Didnt even watch it.......Yawn......but it was a hoot to watch the jack assery comments on Twitter about it