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A French Army  Tigre helicopter takes off and heads out to participate in a joint U.S. and French live fire helicopter exercise at Forward Operating Base Morales-Frazier Jan. 23. The exercise consisted of a pre-mission brief, walk around of aerial assets, and live-fire practice on the FOB’s Blue Max range. Pilots and combat ground controllers took the opportunity to practice communication between the two forces. (Photo by: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Kyle Brasier)


The French helos are actually based out of Kabul airport (partly a leftover from when the French were in charge of Kabul, and partly due to limited ramp space at BAF) so I saw them flying in and out frequently.

One thing I found interesting is that the French H/K pairs operate differenly than the US birds, at least in Afghanistan.  The US guys fly in matched pairs - 2x Apaches, or 2x Kiowas.  The French do mixed pairs - one Tiger paired with one Gazelle.

And a minor note:  during the big fight at Keating, the Tigers were in the queue to support, but ended up not being needed.