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Now we know...

...what that contract is Murray has been consulting on!  Though, of course, he denies it.


So that's what he meant by becoming a greenie.
As I said at the Atomic Nerds blog, that is a stupid way to do that, and you need to use model airplanes. 
P.s.  Excuse me.

I wrote "model airplanes" when I should have written "UAVs".

 That's okay JTG. One also does not talk of 'model pilots', as the category is ephemeral. 'Executive Aircraft Director' is permissible.

If I'd been involved they would have been launching froma concealed location some considerable distance from the border.

And the machine would have had a "Sponsorded By Castle Argghh!"  label on it.
And here I was going to say that you had gotten involved in order to help them have an epic fail and get caught.

I guess I'll take *that* back!