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Got AKO?

Doctrine Man does.  Mind your environment, the F-bomb gets tossed around a bit.


It is a good thing that most foreign intel services can't believe that we are this open.
They tend to think it is OPDEC.

Plus the MSM is so dumb that they mangle the data thru ignorance and political spin to confuse things.

The security czars are so bureacratic that TRADOC use my open source ISF OOB since it is easier than clearing an unclas version of the official US Army version.  They are not the only ones - I gave the military permission to use the ISF OOB 4 years ago.

Our only real security is our opponents' disbelief that we could be so stupid as to operate this way...

"Our only real security is our opponents' disbelief that we could be so stupid as to operate this way..."

LOL - but think of all the opportunities for misinformation.

Funny - as I sit here looking at my AKO password on a sticky note on the base of my monitor!!
The one thing that maks me go WTF is that they give you the option to use a CAC only login, checking that option will never make you have to use your password again to login (for idiots like me that actually work on a DoD network 100% of the time).

The catch is, when your password expires and you failed to update it before it does regardless of teh fact that you NEVER use it, you can't get back into AKO with your CAC if you forgot your password to change it, you must go through the 7 levels of AKO helpdesk hell, and try to remember your secret questions to prove that you are you, regardless of the fact that they can just SEND you an encrypted email to your address, and read it in your personal Outlook to click a link to prove you are you.

The moron on the phone actually told me when this happened to me that "AKO does not believe CAC encryption is not good enough to prove that you are you"..

I said, "Yeah, but I can see how guessing blue is my favorite color is".

Our taxdollars at work, folks.
For OlafTheTanker:
Is that possibly a result of Affirmative Action?  Or just normal "Help Desk" mentality?
Dang n Dang,

Been a LLLLong time since posting here.  What?  back about #1's  first into the breech in Iraq in 03?
Well he's had 4 more since then and the last one  wwwaaaayyyy outside the wire in Sangin Afghan was a mother of pearl bad day X 7 months with re-supply by frikkin one-30 air-drops on the GOOD DAYS! Nice to see the site still clickin along. Tip o the hat to you old dog, see ya posting up on Mr. Breitbart's site now and then....damn where have the years gone.

Clinkin the rock glass with the ice cubes gleaming in the scotch time dreamin to you sir,

Mark - inapt comment regarding affirmative action, sir.  An assertion of needless sensitivity left hanging totally unsupported by the conversation before or after it.   BTW, have you quit cheating on your taxes?*

As for AKO, It's an artifact of having senior people with little understanding driving a process that is overlain by the unknowing changing contracts written by the eager-but-not-quite-current, where the contract sections were written by different groups who didn't properly coordinate their work.  Said contract was overseen by people who knew *exactly* what they wanted, stated so loudly and firmly enough that the executing contract shut up, saluted the flagpole and gave them *exactly* what they asked for, vice what they probably really wanted.  Because the people supervising the implementation of that contract made sure they did.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

*Dear Guy/Gal Who Reads This Space via - merely Illustrative of a point, not an actual accusation or assertion.
Sorry for the offense, but from when I was in EACH side of FedGov - civilian, military, and then civilian again - Affirmative Action did indeed have a similar result.  Although I realize that may not be the case here which is why I added the "Help Desk" mentality as a possibility.