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"Changing my religion..."

So says Little Miss Attila...  Rich in KCK wants to be an acolyte, methinks.

Then Captain H found one of the Bishops...


We'll need missionaries, too . . .
What's cool is that Zoe Brain, my favorite transsexual sonar nerd, showed up in the comments talking about the desirability of weaponizing botulinum toxin for use on very annoying people. She reckons you'll need at least a couple of kilos of the stuff. Sturgeon's Law, you know.
For all he/she spent on Airsoft he could have a couple of real guns, although in Japan they are probably hard to come by.
Airsoft guns are illegal in Australia. Or rather, classed with other firearms, such as slingshots, M1911 .45s, RPG-7s and W54 warheads.
 JTG, as soon as the stuff is ready to try, let me know. I've got about, oh, I'd say 150 million moonbats I'd like to experiment on.