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All Hail To Our Overlords

As 'Bama does stretching calisthenics in preparation to his Bow to Bao:

... May I remind you all that this week doesn't mark the first time we kowtowed to our Mandarin Rulers.  The video clip below is from September 2009, when our dear leader payed homage to the 60th anniversary domination of China by the Red Chinese's.

But tried as they did, their red banner of murder and hatred, couldn't make it to the top of the flag-pole.  I suspect that the spirit of our founding fathers sent down to the White House a guarding angel or two.



The overlord thing may be more true than some folks realize, especially financially. Just did a bit on that myself
If we were smart, we'd get Bernie Madoff, Hank Paulson et al to come up with some other kind of Ponzi / Bailout / GSE con targeting our wealthy Chinese overlords to recoup some of this debt.  LOL
The only way to recoup it is to hang on to our gold and not sell any precious metals.  As long as we have that backing our fiat currency we should be okay.  As it is, I hear we have sold everything from Bill Clinton to eminent domain.

I know that my memory is flawed, but I don't recall similiar scenes during previous administrations.  Sometimes watching this crew is like watching an alternative reality movie.