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A Kosovar Picnic

What happens when you mix good food, jammin' tunes, plenty of pivo, raki, and slivovitz with small brains and plenty of ammo?  What could possibly go wrong?



Lots of early hearing-loss, judging from the reactions of several people there.

The mixture of jeans, slacks, polos, and even a couple suits with the same "guns are to be fired wildly into the air for celebrations" attitude displayed by our enemies in the region is a little disconcerting.  Then again, I think playing Arab Roulette (shooting into the sky and seeing if anybody gets hurt or killed by the lead rain) is just a pretty dumb tradition on the whole.
What a bunch of morons!

Heh.  They're all banned from Castle Argghhh! Range and Bier Stube, I assure you.

What goes up, must come down.

Hey, and that stuff costs money over here. There can't be a Wal-Mart close by, can there?
Well, if you are careful to shoot vertically straight up,  studies have shown that the falling bullets probably won't kill you. You should wear something hard on yer head, though.
P.s. The last time I did "Joy shots"  I did them into a stack of soaking wet newspapers, with the piece pointing down, towards the ground.
Obviously the firecrackers usually used to drown out the singing were in short supply.
They're all banned from Castle Argghhh! Range and Bier Stube, I assure you.

Yeah, the blatant disregard for firearms safety and total absence of hearing protection would have been reason enough, but the deciding factor was that one balalaika was obviously out-of-tune and -- nema kulturji -- *they kept on playing*!


Well, at least they didn't shoot the balalaika player.

Or the balalaika.



Shouldn't that be Wal-martski?


Them boys sure know how to keep women away from their picnics.  But then who makes the food?
The get them out of the house.

It first occured to me that this was a living example of the liberal/progressive nightmare of gun ownership.

It then occured to me that American liberal/progressives get more than a few of their ideas from Europe. Given this, their opposition to gun ownership tends to make sense, in a perverse way.

On the gripping hand, perhaps comparing Balkan cultural standards to the United States (and vice versa) is a mistake. :)

P.S. Those people are idiots.

Casey - the cultural differences are enormous, yet I do know some rednecks who would think that was great fun.  Not to mention the suave urbanites of Detroit (where the practice of celebratory shooting into the sky pre-dates the influx of Muslms to Dearborn).
John, and since Monday you have been banned from my office computer because your blog is 'WEAPONS!!!'   sigh...