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Um, I dunno 'bout you, but kinda removes the challenge, doesn't it?
101126-F-3682S-505.jpg 11/26/2010 - A special operations forces sniper with International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) positions his M-134 machine gun overlooking the Tagab Valley in the Kapisa province of Afghanistan Nov. 26, 2010, during the construction of a road maintenance team checkpoint. Afghan civilians, members of the road maintenance team, ISAF special operations forces and members of an Afghan National Police provincial response company built the checkpoint. (DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Joseph Swafford, U.S. Air Force/Released)


You say that like it's a bad thing....
Anything worth killing is worth over-killing.
There is no "over-kill."

There's only "open fire" and "I need to reload."

Rule #37...

reply to BillT, and MAJMike,   YOU BETCHA.
Merry Christmass to you all.
"Anything worth killing is worth over-killing."

That depends on whether the kill is for food or defense.
Jus' sayin'.
Like my Korean War Vet Dad likes to say.
Wasn't my fault they kept running into the bullets coming from my gun!!
Brings to mind the reply from a SWAT team member after shooting a cop-killer 68 times: "Why'd you shoot him 68 times?" "That's all the bullets we had. We would have shot him more."

BTW, if a gatling can be considered a sniper's weapon, I guess the bulk of my military career was as an airborne sniper. Heh.

And all this time, I never knew I was a sniper!!
"100 shots one kill."  Don't sound right. an airborne sniper.

As opposed to an Airborne sniper.

For that, ya gotta wear the pin with the wings bent up due to descending through tree branches...
Got those in 1973...even remember my platoon sergeant's name (or whatever...the guy that "shepherded" us through Ground, Tower and Jump weeks)--Kinston.

Would love to know what happened to him...


Ah, we called it Airmobile.  Although one year I was in the Airborne. 

 The question you ask, is about the challenge. The challenge is just making one shot.

I see we have some real brain surgeons commenting on this issue. It is rather interesting to see the different comments. I am really amazed at the scope of people we have here. It is also important to remember, as the Armorer always puts it, “The mileage may differ...”

I hope y'all have a “Merry Christmas!” and a “Happy New Year!”

1) Sniper???
2) Special operations forces guard road maintenance teams?
3) Who writes the captions?

     I may have met SGT Kinston, and may have handled your records. (Not that I remember any detail, at this distance) I was a personnel management clerk at School Brigade in 1973 - 74. Handled OCS, Airborne, and Ranger classes. Used an electric typewriter and thought I was high-tech. When were you there in 73?
special forces gaurding a road construction team?????

where the hell are the Seabees????? isn't that BOTH of thier jobs?
This has been an interesting discussion, it is interesting when you talk about “Airborne”. But when you look at the big picture, it is rather interesting to look at the details. I wonder if you have thought about the consequences, for example, if you have taken out the airlift capacity, what you have? It could be all long walk or even a wet walk, since you are walking on water. Now, if you work at the big picture, you begin to see all of the consequences of your choices. Yes, it is neat to talk about each little section, but remember, “The experts talk about logistics, while the amateurs talk about tactics.”

If I remember correctly, it takes nine men to make it possible for the one man actually on the line. There was an old saying, “never aggravate the cook, secretaries, clerks's or anybody on that level. There are just too many ways for them to get even.” This is especially true of people in the medical realm. How many ways do they have get even? 

As a “Board Certified Rectal Discomfort”, this is not the path you want to choose, I know. But it is fun to chat like this. For me, there is an additional aspect going on right now, I am using Dragon Speech for the Mac.   I am having some issues with hand eye coordination, I hope this will resolve the problem and I can still be a pain. The hands just don't work like they used to, for that matter nothing does.   The mouse in my brain is on strike.  I guess we are all getting older, but that is better than the alternative.  You could say, "I'm a fugitive from the coroner."
I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he's probably only chambering one round at a time, and not using the belt feed. :D
There is no "overkill." There's only "open fire" and "I need to reload."
Rule #37

I've been introduced to this book very recently. Clearly advice to live by. :D
Thank God for miniguns. It is an important part of the "Blossom of Death" for SF troopers.

Especially when air and arty are denied.
... PS ... Thank God for Marine Cobras at the 11th hour, when "errors" in paperwork cancel Army Apache support.
Ah...did anyone figure out why he's wearing RED cammo? Is that so he blends in as a flagman on the road crew and the bad guys can't pick out who's doing the shooting.
I don't see that guy looking through any kind of sights.  Does that thing *have* sights, or does he just walk the tracers onto the target? Seems kind of extravagant if the latter is the case, considering the long logistic tail to get the ammo to him. Waste not, want not! 
For Justthisguy:

I doubt that you'll see logisitics complaining about job security...
"sights, or does he just walk the tracers onto the target?"

Sights!!  Your joking I hope.  The aircraft  kits had sights, but they ended up in the trash bin after about the third mission.

Looks like Old Scout used a mini-gun to load his comments.  I'll clean that up.

JTG - Sights - there is provision for them, but the only sights I've seen mounted on these mounts are night-vision, to aid target acquisition.  Otherwise, you just bring the fire on-target like you would a hose.


It's not my falt.  I MAY have hit the button twice, but that's it.  Yesterday it wouldn't let me post at all.

No, the problem is my hosting service.  More accurately, the problem is the blog installation at my hosting service. The concern is the that the fix for it may well blow the archives apart, and it's virtually impossible for me to do via satellite. Sigh.

Sorry it took so long to answer: that would be July of '73...GREAT time to be in Georgia. Not.


Aiming reference? Just use the Force...always worked for me. (That, and getting close enough to almost frag yourself.)
Hey fellas - what exactly is this gunner wearing on his head?  Does not look like a brain bucket and does not look like a tanker's helmet either?!
Heh.  At night, Dusty - it's helpful to see the heat signatures rather than just randomly hosing down the hillsides..

Terrapod.  That's a soft cap.  SOF guys got it like that.

That's what unexpended AGM-65Ds are for if your NVGs are T/U.
Yeah, and we ground-pounders have special racks for those, eh?