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Since we had a Glowball Warming interlude yesterday

...and it was in the mid-40's at Castle Argghhh!, it was time to take one of SWWBO's Christmas presents out for a test drive.  SWWBO's been after getting her concealed carry permit, but kind of sitting on top dead center about a carry piece.  So, I've been looking, and I found a good candidate - the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 38.  I took her to the PX a couple of weeks ago and we got her one.  That would be the the one on the left - which, if you look closely, you can see the laser there, just above the cylinder.  The other pistol is the Auld Soldier's two-war backup piece, a Colt Detective Special. 

Mind you - there's been a never-fired-but-for-proof firearm in the house, with ammo, for two weeks, and I managed to resist the temptation to shoot it - so the first rounds sent downrange from it were by SWWBO.  That was a trial worthy of at least a week off from Purgatory.  Of course, all the prideful bragging I'm doing about my self-less behavior is just loading the time back on...

SWWBO had some challenges right out the gate and was missing the target (a 1 square foot zeroing target at 25 feet) more than she was hitting it.  So, I gave her the Colt, which, with it's greater weight and cockable hammer, gave her the chance to hit the target and gain some confidence, after which she tore up the paper, as evidenced below.  Remember - one square foot, which fits comfortably center-torso.  The little cluster of 4 rounds at the 5/2 position on the bottom of the target are mine from the Auld Soldier's Colt - the front sight has been dinged a bit and needs some TLC, but that pistol fits me well and shoots consistently. 

And before I get a ration about "Oh sure, bought that for *her* for Christmas..."  She picked it out (okay, I did prod her a bit), she's Facebooked it as her early Christmas present, and she made out like a bandit with stuff for her fiber studio, too.

It's not that hard to understand - this is the woman who bought me a *machinegun* for Christmas, after all.



CommSec, Major? Is this an EEFI? "Facebooking" your arms? Well, maybe OK for the Keeper of the Castle, but lets, both of us, un-recommend that idea for the Average Joe.

For me, I'm un-recommending Facebook entirely, but hey, that's just me, OK? YMMV.
Rivrdog - the Castle is well known enow, methinks, that particular cat is out of the bag, so to speak.

Still, not bad advice.
Rivrdog, I'm with you.  I deleted my FB account for a number of privacy and security reasons.  I decided I could communicate with family and friends without posting stuff on a social media site that will be permanent and accessible to all despite my own best efforts to limit access.
and I managed to resist the temptation to shoot it

Purgatory? *Purgatory*?!?

That'd get you a one-week R&R out of the sub-sub basement of the Seventh Circle of Hell -- assuming Ol' Scratch screwed up by allowing you entry in the first place...
 This is tough. My job makes me paranoid sometimes, but since I move around so much Facebook makes it really easy for me to stay in touch with people. 

Incidentally, Sir John, the Castle's banner, (your version) showed up in an OPSEC brief here, along with all the usual suspects (Blackfive, ect.) I supposed it served the purpose of making the slide more colorful, but if they were honestly looking to talk about OPSEC, they probably should have talked about Facebook more and blogs less. 

My favorite Platoon Sergeant was a multiple-weapon aficionado.  One day, while we were packing up for a hunt, I asked him how many weapons he carried.  "One more than anybody else knows about," was his reply.   
Aside from nostalgic family historical reasons, the Colt is better because it holds one more cartridge. And, to say again, I betcha Dad would approve.
Practice is good especially with a snubnose. Nice selection and work SWWBO.
John, That is what you call a nice piece. In light of Prestonious' comment, "Practice is good..." When THE LADY is practicing on the field, *do not catch it!* This qualifies for the *most worthless comment* of all time. : - )

Colt makes a nice piece, it can be discreet and still get your point across. They have a nice lay in your hand. I hope *THE LADY* enjoys it.
Damn Grump. "Of all time"?? And I was only using half my brain. Me ponders what I might come up with if I tried.
@Prestonious, can you tell me, is this like guy who says, “I'm not fast, I'm not slow, I'm just half-fast!” 
The Colt should be carried by her and shot rarely, using the Smith to exercise with.  We don't want to put a lot of wear on that piece, so that it can be handed down to Miles in full form and function. With any luck, 5 or 6 generations of the family, or more, will get to appreciate and carry that Colt.
I've owned such a Colt, and sold it (I have few "collector grade" guns and can't afford to have guns that I possess solely to admire).

You can buy a surplus S&W Model 10 Military & Police snubby, also a six-shooter, for far less than acquiring a nice example of the Colt. I carried one on every flight mission in 'Nam. I qualified Expert with it my first time out. It is easy to shoot well with one.

I wish I had some of those .38 tracers they gave us to shoot in it, though...they were great incindiary rounds. Amazing what they'd do to a half-full Jerry can of MoGas....
I don't have any guns I would consider "collector grade" that's simply not my interest.  I want ones with a history to them, not something that was built and then stuffed in a box.

This is one such piece.  SWWBO or Andy may sell it after I'm gone, but it's staying in the family until then.
Yah, well Rivr, they were mostly intended for signalling and weren't very deadly, were they?

I know you didn't have to do it, but I wonder if you could point me to some stories of people who had to use the downwards ejection seat in the B-52?  Hey, at least it wasn't like the sideways ejection seat in the B-45! (breaks yer neck, but the body is mostly intact and un-burnt) 
Had a Radar and a Nav that THOUGHT they were going to have to use it at ~300 AGL on takeoff (min altitude for successful ejection was I THINK 400 AGL) when the 2nd copilot on our crew (riding in the IP seat) keyed the IC and said "Oh shit!"

Radar and Nav below were more than slightly tensed up about having to go at that altitude, but figured if the rest of the crew was abandoning ship they had better at least try to do so.  Of course, the guy who had said that was NOT in a ejection seat and would have had to manually bail out if TSHTF, but I doubt they realized that.  Several tense seconds of absolute silence, which must have seemed like HOURS to them.  Then the guy keys IC again and says "I spilled my coffee!"

Radar and Nav gave him NO SHORTAGE OF HELL for that...