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Since some of the natives are getting restless...

...and I'm tired of checking incoming mail for envelopes of unknown powders* from readers suffering a lack-of-gruntlement, let us have a Whatziss!
new_whatziss.jpg This is me, guys and gals. There is simply *no way* it's as obvious as it looks.

*This is tongue-in-cheek satire for humorless anti-terrorism 'bots and trollers. I know, difficult concept for the humorless to grasp.


Hmm. So it's not the 'slodey end of a mortar round...?
I didn't say that either - just that it ain't gonna be as simple or obvious as it looks.

That's how I roll...
I have no idea what it is if not somehow connected with being a mortar round, but I am bepuzzled by the nice shiny (aluminum?) cap with the wire bail handle in connection with the grody rusty iron.

Somebody made a nice tea caddy out of a de-milled mortar round, and made a cup to fit?  I've seen some  cups made out of big brass shell casings.
OK Boss. Now what do I do with this envelope? Wait, don't tell me.
Rifle grenade, old, M2A1, 1 each?

81 or 82mm mortar round with a proximity fuse.  Never detached the tail fins when I was the artillery commander for B/1-141 INF (M), aka Weapons Platoon leader.

Doesn't really look like an RPG and I've no experience with rifle grenades (always had access to an M203).
Based on scale I'm assuming 60mm round (Without the tailfins, of course) but the nosepiece is pretty hincky looking; I'd suspect it was a practice round. M50A3?

Sinker, lead, fishing, with incendiary proximity fuse Mk I. 

Withdrawn from service as while it indeed did sink, and did indeed fry fish of all Mks, it also tended to sever/melt fishing lines. 

Troop morale plummeted as a result of their freshly fried fish, of all Mks,  becoming water logged and soggy. 

Also the EPA reporting statements required due to the lead nature of the sinker became onerous.

Finally, it was determined that troops in the field just tended to chuck hand grenades into ponds to achieve much the same results.

Another failed piece of ordinance from the (in)famous "Bat Works".
No, wait, you're going to repurpose it like that silly eggcup thing. An anchor for a smallish boat- that's it, or a pencil carrier for large pencils.
Yeah, you're gonna claim it has been repurposed like that silly eggcup. OK, it's an anchor for a small boat or a pencil case for large pencils.
It's the *business* end of the new TSA anal probe for body cavity searches.  The shiny new aluminum *cap* is to give the appearance of sterility for those rectally retentive patrons who require inspectors to don a new pair of gloves prior to receiving their 'enhanced' patdown.
You could have sprinkled some cat-hair for reference, you know.

BCR - yer the Mad Scientist amongst us, can't you spell "dissimilar metal corrosion"?

Og, Skip - who loves ya, baby?

It's a canvas cover with a paperweight on it.
Yes from previous submissions, it's probably an egg poacher.

But I'll go with a flask that holds the daily rum ration....and I know about rule 1 in country...but this doesn't hafta be for in country use. Those Red Legs like their comfort.
See?  You guys are on to so many of my tricks it's no wonder it's taking longer and longer to mount a proper challenge...
New tip being prepared for the flag standard on the bumper of the Castle Jeep........
It's a really heavy cocktail shaker.  Gives you a nice arm workout before the martinis are poured.
Rusty thingy "might" be a 60 mm round body.  If so, cloth background is sown in approximately 88 mm strips.  Cloth is old, notice creases, tears and faded spots.  Perhaps our tormentor wants to us look beyond the first eye catching  item we see.  Hmmmm??
Your idea of "dissimilar metal corrosion" is so fanciful I think I spotted a gold farting unicorn on the relective surface.

I admit to being tempted to agree with the others wise to your eggcup ways.  It's .. ahem .. repurposed into something special*, maybe a spindly wool thingy.

But secretly ..  I simply hope it explodes.
*stuffs envelope with powdered sugar back in the backpack*

Uh...looks like a container of some kind.  A tiffin-thingy, perhaps?
Well, the obvious answer is an M49A3 HE shell sans tail fin assembly fitted with a M52 series fuze, probably one of the WW2 variants using alernate materials, judging by the differences in metal tone between the fuze base and nose.  Or our intrepid host is fooling us with some obscure copy or offshoot of the M52 series fuze.  Or is it the material behind the shell? Which looks like an old and well used mechanics tool bag.  Just my best WAG.
Looks lilke a cocktail shaker.  James Bond varity?
 "Your eggcup ways"? Ha!
I'll take that martini shaken, not stirred....... or else!   Aluminum tip on a cast iron base? it looks like a drink shaker but, knowing the folks here, how about a chalk marking device of some sort..  The tip is spring loaded and seems that it will recess allowing something powdery to fall out between the  concentric cones. 
A designer rolling pin for the personalized bread set. Allows you to build loafs with heavy filling in the center.
Actually, guys, it's just a barracks training aid for use following the repeal of DADT.  Those who "don't tell" have already been using it, which is why it's so "corroded" with brown stuff.
Random shot in the dark: RPG-7 warhead that somebody macgyvered into a hand grenade?
well, seeing as you don't have the pink quilted snuggle blanket anymore, and had to use the moth gnawed moldy canvas, i guess we can assume it was a REAL piece of something field usable at one time....  my guess is "Avocado Reamer" for field expedient guacamole prep.
Well, IF there are no threads for the fins, then that may be the reason they are missing, which makes it the splodey part of an M2 APERS bounding mine.  I believe they were "rejects" from the manufacturer, repurposed for such things.  With a non-applicable PD fuze for the looks that are in it.
My guess:
M49A2 HE

 My guess: warhead for an air-to-ground rocket made from a mortar round.  WWII/Korea special.
D'oh, I think slick rick may have hit the nail in the head with his bounding mine call, I completely forgot that they were used for that before we copied the german S-Mine.
Of course, John saying there's no way it could be as obvious as it looks could be a head fake...and a quite effective one at that.
I am with Skip, based on the scale of the stitching this has to be a fairly small projectile of some sort and I am voting for a rifle grenade.