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Let us have...

A shrubbery!  Er, no.  A chili-cook off!  Sorry, channeling my inner-Python for a moment.

Greta sends:
****PLEASE share this with as many people as you can (only tagged a few to start with). We can do as many of these as we find troops willing to do it.

Soldiers' Angels and the International Chili Society are on the search for deployed troops to host a chili cookoff. This has been done several times in the past and with great success!

Troops will need:

■permission to host event
■a designated date (3 weeks out)
■a minimum of 6 teams of 2-6 cooks & a team name
■3-5 judges
■large pots
■access to meat and vegetables
■one POC to send all items
■have a great time and send pictures!


■each deployed team will be sponsored by one ICS chili team
■sponsors will send items to the POC and write the name of the team they are sponsoring on the outside of the package
■each team will be sent a recipe, dry ingredients & fun items to represent their team
■prizes will be sent

***some teams have charged $1 to taste and used that money for their cup and flower fund

***If you or someone you know would like to host this - please have them contact