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Keeping the natives quiet...

No, really.  Here's some more.  You guys make a pretty good wiki though.  There was much much much goodness and accuracy yesterday.  And amusement when you got clever.


Well, it's outside my personal experience and my google-fu, but it seems that it is an M50 style practice grenade adapted to be fired from some kind of a (possibly smoothbore) gun for practice purposes. I can see how it would be used, but I can't put a .mil designation to it.

Nah, the handle's for *throwing* it.

The dirtbags mod 60mm mortars the same way, here.
In another post, he's gonna claim the whatsis is the blasted tarp, you just watch and see.
Geez, you don't have to pull the pin on that thing before you throw it, do you?
Well, a mortar round screwed to an RPG propelling charge, a Bulgarian one from the looks of the manufactures mark.  The only possible use that come to mind is an impprovised pff route mine, circa Viet Nam time framish.
Tim -- Yup. The fuze won't function, otherwise.
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IIRC Charles used a critter like this with an improvised tube in IV Corps, called a "Launch bomb."  Allowed the RPG booster to be used as a high angle of fire weapon, I think the tubes were sheet metal wrapped in wire-throw aways.
Have to do more than pull the arming ring, mortar rounds have a setback/bore rider fuze that needs a kick to arm them, supposedly banging them fin first into a hard surface would work then throw like an impact grenade-don't want to try that!