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Jingle-Bells Glock

Nice bell ringing, Santa.



If anyone from Chicago sees this, they'll have a hissy fit!

Of course, there are NONE more deserving of hissy fits...
Santa is a pretty good shot for a fat old guy. There's hope for me yet.
Hey Dude, Y'all thinking about mugging Santa? If I were you, I would rethink that strategy.
About 1:00 minute in, with Santa in a  Ghillie suit; is firing an AR-10? Or should I say an AR-15 with a 7.62 reciever?

Otherwise, all I can say is I sure hope I get something nice in my stocking from molon labe Santa... Heh.

I own a Glock 19.  Its okay for social occassions, but I prefer the beloved M1911A1 or the USP compact .45.  .45ACP hollowpoint -- when you care to give the very best.