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Interesting historical tidbits...

On this day in 1941, the pilots of the American Volunteer Group, AKA the Flying Tigers, leapt into the air war against the Japanese in China, entering combat over Kunming, China.

And where were you on this day in 1989?  I was in the kitchen of Mom and Dad's, home on leave for Christmas, talking on the phone with the wife (who was also in town for Christmas) of a high school buddy of mine, trying to talk her down from the ceiling as she had awakened that morning to find out that her husband was busy that day executing Operation Just Cause, the invasion of Panama.

Just thought you might find that to be interesting.


Me?  In December 1989, I was a sophomore in college here in Texas and Daddy was still stationed in Augsburg, so I would have been at my Grandmother's for Christmas break.  The first Christmas since Grandpa's passing from lung cancer a short two months previous.  I was car-less, so I didn't go anywhere unless I went with my aunt, who lived in town.
I was driving my Jeep through snowdrifts to get to the Armory so I could get a CUCV to drive selected doctors and nurses to work.

CUCV wouldn't start, so we all went gallivanting to their various hospitals in my Jeep. Took multiple trips and about four hours.

I got reimbursed for the gas, though.
I was in the ready battalion on Camp Lejeune waiting for the trucks to come transport us to Chery Point NAS to hitch a ride down to Panama.  Ended up watching our stacked gear for the day then putting it all away when the "go" call never came.
I was driving (my 2wd pick'em-up truck) from Montana to my parent's house for the holidays.  My last as a single woman.  That was when I saw one of my all-time favorite roadside billboards: "We use wine when we cook....sometimes we put it in the recipe."
 I wasn't doing anything nearly that interesting.
Oh, stop. I've seen three-year-olds do *lots* of interesting things...

Ummmmm -- wait. You don't have fur and a tail.

 Hmmmmmm.... *checks calendar*

And I was.... trying like hell to find a way into Panama...

@ fmr_grunt:  I think we got the trucks you were waiting for...  (K Co 3/6 2nd MarDiv FMF)

Christmas of 1989 was...  Interesting...  Got a chance to go to Gunstock though.

Susan, you shoulda told me, we had space on our bird...
Hrmm...I think I was taking a Middle School heh
I think every boy had a model of the Flying tigers with the mouth and teeth on it.
 we had space on our bird...

... and I was even going to BYO-AK! But by the time I'd found a way in, Noriega was headed to the U.S.... I should have called the Marines...

Colin, I had one of those models, too...
Several P-40 variants in model forms, static, U-control, radio. Most of the early books about the Flying Tigers, too.
"I think every boy had a model of the Flying tigers with the mouth and teeth on it."

Not just boys......
 I was lucky enough to be in the AF as Security Forces on Howard at the time.  A few days before it kicked off, we started seeing interesting things coming off of C-5s.  Like Apache's, what looked like a MASH unit and a whole lot of people that looked like they meant business.  The night it started, they did a recall (go figure, right?), I swear I never got dressed that fast before, ever!  Got to the armory and they were handing out all kinds of goodies.  I got a 203 put on my M-16 about 4 months before, so along w/ that, they gave me a full vest of grenades.  Oh happy day.  Until I ended up wearing it for the next 24 hours. From the flightline, we could see the fires in Panama City.  As the sun was coming up, we saw several AC-130s circling the Comandancia (Panamanian Defense Force HQ).  I thought it was pretty cool at the time.  The next few days were pretty anti climatic.  But, it was the only war we had at the time.