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Christmas Tidings From The Colombian Army

The Colombian Army just concluded Operation Christmas.  It entailed sending elite counterinsurgency units deep into the main Guerrilla resupply trails and setting-up special booby trapped ambush sites.  But instead of claymore mines bounding upon the trip wires, Christmas Trees lit up like *er* Christmas Trees tend to do.

Te purpose of this psy-ops strike, is to tug on the guerrillas' heart strings - Urge them to quit the terrorist business, and demobilize.  For the past two days, I've tried to subtitle the video but there's a bug in the interface between the clip and the software program that I use.  So, you all linguistically challenged readers, will all have to watch the pretty video and use you imagination.



Psyops are fun.

Just when you get them used to seeing pretty lights when someone hits a tripwire, you set up the claymores for the convincer...