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Castle Argghhh! Weather Station.

Current status: Sorta Snowy

If the Balls are wet - Rain
If the Balls are hot - Sunny
If the Balls are cool - Overcast
If the Balls are white - Snowy
If the Balls are moving - seek shelter or enjoy the tornado.

If the Balls are missing - check and see if we're here or somewhere over the rainbow...


If you had a brass monkey there you could tell if it was really cold! (Although the fabled brass monkey is probably no more than a sea story.)

"If the Balls are missing-....", You're in trouble, they're not the ones that count. Just ask the 'Brass Monkey'. You go for your physical, Doc says, "Turn your head and cough. Oh, *Now,* I understand the problem." 
Decorum prevents me from making any comments related to freezing one's balls.  Aw hell looks like coal in my stocking tonight.
SFC D- isn't that why they call them "blue balls"??

*innocent blinking ensues*
That's an awful lot of innocent blinking, Annabelle... :)

So now we can add to the "snake" theory of military branches, the "Santa's Balls" theory  of weather prediction. Excellent.

 This is such a classy joint. Maybe if I keep coming here, some of it will rub off on me. :D
Saker -- never, ever pop in and give Annabelle a straight line like that.

Or me, either.

But I'll give you a pass, 'cuz it's Christmas.
 Awww, thanks Bill. I'm used to it, though. Certain individuals in my unit are less merciful when provided with "straight lines."
They sniff too quickly?

Merry Christmas, all.

Just what do you think they are sniffing at, Mr. Heinrichs. Low, dirty minds want to know.
 Oh good grief. 
I'm horrible at navigating your site for old info.  Can you either do a post or send me a direct email on how to contribute to troops?
@cfdxprt, go to the top of this page, you'll see the "Argghhh", the three symbols, look at the Olive drab strip between the Boxing Day all the symbols and the top of page contains the title of this thread. You should see "Home", "Pictures" , "Info", “Archives” and “Search”. If you have an idea where this article may be, this may be the place to look.

I gotta'  get back to causing trouble, enjoy your holiday.
 @BillT, it sounds rather strange to hear you correct Sakar, about leaving straight lines for Annabelle. We both know that Sakar is about as  innocent, cute and cuddly, as a mongoose in a cobra's nest.

If you don't know, the cobra is the prey of the mongoose.

This has been a rather interesting thread. SFC D, you have put a whole new level on the concept of  “chilling out”.  But the big thing is that we can all enjoy and have some fun, even Santa. I think the "Old Boy's" timing is off a little off. The National Weather Service has forecast my area for about 2 feet of snow and blizzard condition. It ought to make things real interesting. By the Way, BillT, if you are still in South Jersey, this applies to you. For the record, I do*not*use the “Castle's Weather Station's" instrumentation for weather forecasting. I keep mine nice and warm.


(except for that one time, in band camp..... but that's a whole 'nuther story.)
 Annabelle, You a trouble maker? "me??? trouble/???  never!"  You're here, right? That's all the evidence we need for a conviction! It was either that or you were taking us on a virtual tour of the interesting towns of Amish Pennsylvania.
I apologise for the delay, but in answer to your last question, I offer: