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A cold December morning, 66 years ago.

There were panzers in the mist...

Courtesy the US National Archives 

Courtesy the US National Archives

Courtesy the US National Archives

Courtesy the US National Archives

All pics courtesy the US National Archives. The first two come from captured german film of the opening phases of the Battle of the Bulge. The last two are US Signal Corps photos of US soldiers on patrol and a destroyed Sherman tank.


One of the German commanders remarked, "...those damned engineers!"  when they found most/all of the bridges destroyed and trees toppled to block the narrow roads.  U.S. artillery (the best in world) tried to make up for a lack of air support grounded because of the rotten weather.  Small groups of infantrymen (the ultimate all-terrain, all-weather weapons' system) ambushed German patrols and wouldn't give up.

Again, the soft decadent American kicked the collective asses of the Herrenvolk.

Shai Dorsai!

I sat with one of the veterans of the Bulge this morning while my daughter saw the foot doctor. Said veteran's wife was also seeing the foot doctor.

He still says that Christmas time brings back too many bad memorys.

I had a great uncle killed in the battle of the bulge. My great aunt gave me his homemade knife made from a brass shell (stamped "S L 4 2" on the base) and leaf-spring steel (he was an army cook).  The knife was in his personal effects returned to her by the army. I wish I had the letter that accompanied it but that has gone lost to the mists of time. I'll pass that knife onto my oldest someday and eventually it too will be lost to the mists of time.  Sometimes entropy sucks.
Shai Dorsai! I haven't heard that in a long long while.

<y son and his fire team were up to Bastogne for the anniversary. He saif there were loudspeakers all over the town constantly playing 40's big band music and American jazz. There were lots of WWII reenactors with displays set up and many veterans there telling there stories and talking to folks. He got pics and talked to lots of guys who were there originally.

 Great experience for him, being a paratrooper with the 173rd and just back from Afghanistan, to see how some things haven't changed for the airborne, despite the passing of 6 decades plus.
OK    I'll bite...what does Shai Dorsai mean?
for Wayne olsen - it means you are behind on your reading.  "Childe Cycle" series by Gordon Dickson who was also a vet 1943-46
@gunnerMk42 -- didn't know Dickson was a WWII vet.  As a young platoon leader, I found The Tactics of Mistake inspiring.  Dickson died a few years ago.  He and Heinlein shaped much of my political philosophy.