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1775. Benedict Arnold tries to free Quebec from imperialist domination

...and fails, Causing us to establish the odd military tradition of promoting people to general officer after they fail in their objective, apparently because they meant well, and, in Arnold's case, got wounded.  Oh, sure, he did okay at Ticonderoga, and Fort Stanwix, and Saratoga, but c'mon - losing *Canada*?

And condemning the Canadians to live under the brutal heel of Britain - to this day.  

Which leads them to invent single-payer health care, which, damn their eyes, they're trying to import down here.  Oh, that and hockey, which is just a buncha thugs beating on each other with sticks.  Okay, we did get some decent comedians out of the deal, but hardly worth all the other corrosive effects of those moose-hugging hosers.

Damn NAFTA super-highway.  Which the Canadians deny, natch.  It's all part of their ebbil plan to deliver all of North America to the British Crown, I tell you!

Well, that's *my* view.  Heinrich's, Damian's, Colin's, Maloney's, and several other deluded subjects of the Queen who hang about here might see it through the caramel-colored lens of maple syrup.

Damn you Benedict Arnold!

Bloody traitor.  Oh sure, he had his reasons, they all do.

Heh.  Now we'll see who brought their sense of humor today.


Don't forget that William Shatner is a Canadian import to the US, too... It's up to the reader to decide if that's a net plus or negative.
Don't forget that William Shatner is an import from Canada, too.

It's up to the reader to decide if that's a net plus or negative...
Gahhhhh....  sorry for the double comment.

Stupid Intertubes....
Well, if we were all one country there would be places called South Manitoba or New Nova Scotia and nobody really wanted that.  And, anyway, Arnold got his reward by being sent to New Brunswick for six years.

Happy New Year from the North!
Good golly!  Quick, gimme a shotgun, we got zombies!

*Those* two haven't commented here in *ages*!

Somebody go kick 'em in the shins to make sure they ain't Japs.

(+10 bragging points to the first person who gets the movie reference)
 1.  1941
2. Richard Montgomery is to be forgotten?
3. 31 Dec 1899, Lord Strathcona and Mont Royal offered to raise and finance a unit of cavalry manned by personnel drawn from Western Canada and the NorthWest Mounted Police.

 The Penobscot Expediion and all that......

   Paul Revere got cashiered, and rightly so....... 

   That whole revolutionary war history lesson plan isn't as cut and dry as folks would like it to be.
 History is rarely cut and dried, Tim. The country can't even agree on the truth of the war of northern aggression. It's too tempting to scapegoat and propagandize to justify and blame. Particularly so if you are at fault for what happened.

Geez, I didn't even go, "Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnsssssssssssssss"
Which is why you "Lost Causers" are so difficult to deal with, QM.   ;^ )

And, shockingly (typed in a manner just dripping in irony) Heinrichs gets the bragging points.

As if not having them would have stopped him...
Not a lost casuer, just one that seeks the truth. My opinion on that war changed when I moved north to Ohio. It's amazing what northerners admitted in their writings. The low character of Lincoln is now widely known as well.

Personally, I would have listened to Robert Toombs and not fired on Sumter. The interesting event would have been the result of that fort firing on a British ship entering the port after refusing to submit to cusoms inspection and the fireworks that would have followed that.
I seem to remember that after Arnold switched to the English he led a campaign in Virginia and captured an American captain and his men. Arnolld asked the captain what would have happened if the opposite had happened and he was the prisoner of the captain.

The captain said he thought they would probably bury Arnold's right leg (wounded at Saratoga) with full military honors and hang the rest of him.

Even though I grew up in the Bronx of the '50s and '60s, James Fenimore Cooper was my favorite author for several of my youthful years.  One summer, my father, an Oyrish immigrant of the legal sort, took the family on a tour of the New York, Vermont, and Canadian historical sites to impress upon us the importance of knowing our history.  It's a beautiful area spring, summer, or early fall and well worth a visit not only for the historical immersion but also for the scenic beauties.  For the chair-bound, Michael Mann's "Last of the Mohicans" movie gives a good taste of the area (even though it was actually filmed in North Carolina). 

One more bit of near wisdom, this one from the rock band Dire Straits:

Treachery and treason, there's always an excuse for it.
And even when I know the reason, I can get used to it.

And from my father:

There's a difference between a reason and an excuse.  An excuse is a bad reason.
Nevada, I think there is a monument on the field of Saratoga in the shape of a leg, with no name on it.
Armorer, this is an interesting thread, I guess they would call him, “a friend of the King”. This was the term given to the “Loyalists". 11B40, you and your dad bring out a very important thought process. I like your Dad's insight, when he said, “There's a difference between a reason and an excuse. An  excuse is a bad reason.” It may sound simple, but we need to dwell on that comment for some time, to get the best of it. In a sense, I've reversed you and your Dad. I don't think people really understand treachery, until it happens to them. Then, we have all whole different beast.When it comes to treachery, the important thing is who is on the receiving end? This puts a completely different spin  on the issue, just think about it.
 Revolutionary agitprop, I tells yah! And youz guyz complain about Che....