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158gr. Percussive Therapy

The mercury read 30º that late Fall windless morning.  Perfect conditions to slice the crisp cold, air with some hot lead.  Few people know that USDA Research Center in Beltsville, MD has tucked away behind its corn and soybean fields a pretty nifty outdoors shooting range.  And thanks to a good friend of ours, we got almost private access to it, two Saturdays ago.

The shooting range is a relic of times gone-by.  Times in which the prevailing culture in Suburban Maryland was decidedly 2nd Amendment friendly.  It was established back in the late 1940's, when the Department of Agriculture had a large WW-2 Veteran pool in its employee base.  Back then, entomologist studying tobacco weevils lived to tell about their days in the jungles of New Guinea.  Now-a-days, they live to tell about their shopping experience at IKEA.  Sigh!  But at least (and for the moment), the old firing range survives.

But before getting to the firing range of old, I had to make sure to comply with the sissyfied Maryland gun-law of today.

Step One - Make sure that my Taurus Ultra-Lite .38 Special was safely trigger-locked at the "tamper-proof" hex lock located behind its hammer.

Step Two - Pack the Taurus in a "sealable" container (a zippered bag will do), and load it in the trunk of my Neon.

Step Three - Pack my bricks of LRN Black Hills Ammo in another "sealable" container, and Load it in the passenger side of my little Dodge.

Now - I'm ready to go.  Though I'm sure that back when that shooting range opened, all one had to do was to jam their Model-19's in the glove compartment, and they'd be good to go.

Anyways, It was a good couple of hours at the range.  Since for most of that time we were alone, we didn't have to observe tight range discipline.  We could walk up to the targets whenever we felt like.  Latter on, a pair of deer hunters showed up to zero-in their scopes.  Nice people, but we had to button-up for the duration.  

My groupings?  Nice and tight in 2 inch packs at a 30-yard range, though heeling a bit to the 2 O'Clock position.  I guess that I should stop over-anticipating the recoil too much.  The required photo-videographic evidence, Below:




At the risk of raining on your parade, please allow me a couple of comments on your fun in the sun.

First, and simpler, your knees seem, to me, to be "locked" or stiff. You might want to try putting a little bend in them if you don't already.

Second is both the prevalence and domination of the two-handed "combat stance" as a firing position nowadays.  When I was being educated, I was taken through the full panoply of positions, kneeling, sitting, standing and prone and the use of two hands, stronger hand and weaker hand.
While the combat stance has its advantages and popularity, it also, in my opinion presents a larger target to any miscreants and takes away from considerations like cover and concealment. The dominance of the position, both at ranges and in the media, worries me that people aren't thinking through what maybe involved and necessary in an actual gunfight.  Spontaneous creativity is a wonderful thing, but prior preparation floats my boat.
Well, 11B40, while I agree that being able to shoot from any position is best, and always prefer to shoot supported, from cover, any more if I shoot "duel style" (presenting the least target aspect to the bad guy) I find I'm expending more ammo for less result.

Whereas, if I shoot combat stance, he's either ducking or dying.

But, like I said, in a gunfight, I prefer to shoot supported, from cover, with a long gun...
@Boq, Beltsville head men's interesting things which many people do not have a clue. A hint might be, Goddard Space Flight Center, just for one.

11B40, Wouldn't all of your “constructive criticism” be dependent upon one thing, the goals or purpose of the shooter? Since I was not there, I am not inside of his brain, therefore, I do not know his real goals. This is the reason I would suggest holding your “constructive criticism” to yourself. There are times in one's life, things are not perfect and you must improvise all of the time. Therefore, I would suggest this, join me and just enjoy the video.  I have also been taught how to shoot, but the second part of that lesson is this, always be ready to shoot in “less than the best situation”. This means, there are times when all of our lessons are simply put aside and let the situation dictate. Yes, there have been many times, I have shot a weapon in less than textbook form.
Just delete the word "head" in the first line, after "Beltsville."
I don't mind a little rain, for rain is the fecundity of Father Sky showering upon Mother Earth.  At least that's what the Ancient Greeks believed 11B40 ;-)

I'll keep better attention to my knees, next time.  I thought that I had them a bit flexed, but you may be right.  As far as playing with various combat stances, I did kneel for one of the cylinders that I shot, but mostly I shot standing upright, as in the pictures.  To tell you all the truth, I was more focused in making my Shoulder/Arms/Hands Assembly as stable and consistent as possible, this time around.  The Combat Ninja poses shall be held for another day.

Oh and Grumps, the Shooting Range is at the Beltsville end that abutts with Glenarden/Greenbelt, no more than a 3/4-Mile from NASA's Goddard Property.