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Trespass and die

The Exterior Guard went on the hunt last night. And brought back trophies.

There are only two kinds of squirrels at Castle Argghhh!.

The quick.

And the dead.

Human Squirrel Rights Watch will undoubtedly open an investigation. It looks like one of them might have been surrendering when he was cut down. 

 interlopers1.jpgThere were three, one apparently really resisted arrest, and was a little too torn up for a mug shot.

 The Exterior Guard lives the life that Jonah's Cosmo dreams of.


 Oh, no.  Now the blog is becoming a Snuff Blog.

They're still in one piece?  Wow, mine never left them in one piece.  Hell sometimes I never found the *other* half. 
No goggie kisses that day.
 Funny ... Hopefully the Exterior Guard steers clear of Pepe LePeu and Mr Pricklepin
Yeah Mr. Pricklepin would ruin everyone's day
The Exterior Guard have been in "Danger Area Echo,"  i.e., the blast hazard area of Monsieur Le Pew.  Fortunately they only got a "whiff of the grape" so to speak.  They are properly respectful of the threat.

We've not see any porcupines in the demesne, but we have plenty o'possum...
 I have never seen a porcupine in Kansas.  I'm not sure they live here!  
Looks like you are safe from the aboreal rodent Jihad for a another week or so.
Squirrels are just rats with fuzzy tails.  Nasty things, when I lived in the country I used to plink them with a M1911A1.  FMJ ball ammo goes right through them.
They are notorious pests in Atlanta, where I lived for a long time. My cat Lucy used to bring them in all the time.  I remember being wakened by her jumping on my chest and having her drop a still-twitching one on me.  I said, "good kitty", dropped it by bedside, and went back to sleep. A little while later she woke me again by dropping the liver on my chest.   I eventually had a sizeable pile of tree rat tails in the corner of the bedroom. She never ate the tails. 
There isn't usually enough left for a pic, but enough left to know that Rodente d' Bois was on the menu of the Exterior Guard of Chez Engineer.  Well done. 
Maj Mike, the usual saying is "Squirrels are just rats with better PR." They make a better stew as well.
I see that another of my comments has disappeared into the smoke, among the hammer-beams holding up the roof of the Great Hall of Castle Argghhh! Obviously the feasting and carousing have distracted the Lord of the Manor from his annoying self-imposed duty to see that silly comments are posted.
Spent a whole summer trapping and shooting the buggers, took out 123. Population density did not change, but the trap stopped working as only the smart ones where left. I have since learned to live with them unless they become a problem. The problem members are then treated accordingly.

Note when using a live trap it is best to not bring them into the house to drown them as catching them again INSIDE the house is hard and shooting is no longer an option. That and the spouse was mad for a week due to the damage.
We don't trap and drown/shoot them here.  We let the dogs take care of it.
I was once gullible enough to buy a bird feeder that was advertised as "squirrel proof".  Ha!

Then I was gullible enough to purchase "seasoned" bird feed that was supposedly "squirrel proof".  Ha!   They loved the stuff.

Then I bought a Crosman 1077 Repeat Air pellet gun ... in consideration of my close neighbors .... and it worked liked a charm.
A manufacturer is allowed to advertise a bird feeder as "squirrel-proof" as long as it takes the fuzz-tailed tree rats longer than five minutes to gnaw a hole in it.

Less than five is "squirrel-resistant"...
There used to be a clip out on You Tube for a "Squirrel Proof" bird feeder that looked like it would actually be such. It would spin as soon as Mr. Bushy Tail landed on it and teh Squirrel would fall off totally disoriented. Jerry Pournelle the clip linked on his site and said his wife's remark was "poor squirrels." Jerry was not so sympathetic with teh tree rats.

The clip was funny, though. Particularly the aftermath for some of the tree rats. I think it was called "Twirl-a-Squirrel," or something like that.