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The Big Bust In Maryland

THE Power Couple of the county in which I reside in, has been *er* busted (and you will see why I expressed it as *er* busted). Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson-D and his wife and County Councilwoman Elect Leslie E. Johnson-D, were arrested, booked and charged by the FBI on Friday.  It seems that they were busy bilking HUD-funded land developers in a Pay-to-Play scheme.  Heee - "Vote for Integrity - Vote for Leslie", was one of Leslie's campaign slogans.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have been investigated since 2007, after another land developer filed a complain that the County Executive was pressuring him to cough-up a bribe.  If he didn't pay, it was implied that the county permitting process would be all gummed-up in he works. *and that would be a pity, you-know-wadda-I-mean*

Well - Flash forward to Friday.  When the FED knocked at their residence, the panicked Mrs. Johnson called her husband, and in the wire-tapped conversation he instructed her to "tear-up" a $100,000 check that they had stashed from a developer.  She then was heard asking whether she should also flush it down the toilet.  To which he instructed: "Yes, flush that".  Down in a swirly it goes

But this is what is hard for me to understand.  In the mean time she grabs their bribe money stashed in their home and stuffs it up her underwear.  At first I thought it might be up her knickers, but latter I learnt that it was in her upper inner garments.  And what did *er* "The Melon Bank" contain? a cool $79,600.  Now, as you will see in her campaign video below, she is not a particularly *er* bountiful woman.  Assuming that the bribe money was all in C-Notes, that would be 796 bills stuffed under her sweater. or 398 six-by-ones pushing-up under each *er* vessel.  Her visage must have been bursting all over the place, when the G-Men finally came in their door.

Oh, and the Arresting Affidavit filed by the FBI is attached: HERE

Awaiting for UnkaBill's double facepalm in 1 -2 -3.



 I hope they rot in hell. 
Every time a story starts with Prince George's County, the follow up is really bad.
I *knew* you'd find a way to work boobs into it...

Any bets that they get off with just a stern lecture?
Soooo glad to be just to the south of you, in Prince William. We just get bank robbers who turn themselves in, and the odd mystery shooter...
@BillT, "Stern lecture", I don't think so, 800K, that's an expensive overhang. The second reason, "Things are getting tighter than a bull's A$$ in black fly season." No politician should make money, other than their salary, from their term in office. This would include the time *after* their term in office. This is *especially true* for the areas of Banking, Insurance, Veterans Affairs, Justice, National Security, Defense  and of course, all of the ramifications of Healthcare. As they did with the terrorists, *Track the Money!* The law should be retroactive, with no sunset or statute of limitations.

As a rule, I don't tend to vote party lines, I vote according to the individuals. This year, they were all from the same party. This type of behavior I've seen on both sides, if not worse.
As part of the sentence, Mr. Johnson should be required to change his name to something like "Ima Crook", thereby not diluting the famous name of that heroic boxer, the original Jack Johnson.
Speaking of boxing, I wonder if we'll ever see a re-match between Olly North and Jim Webb. I would want both of them to wear shirts, so as to somewhat disguise the bouncing of the moobs.
I think Webb would back down. Look how he left the SecNav position when things got a bit hard.
Look, these are BOTH Preferred Species.  Do you REALLY think they'll do ANYTHING to them?  Just like Rangel and Waters.  How long did it take them to FINALLY get Jefferson for his activities?  And then just how bad did they get him?

Just sayin'...

It seems to me the boobs were already there.  But, I am so glad we have Boq to figger these things out for us.  In the meantime, I wonder 'which' check they tore up and which developer is writing 'void' on his/her register?

Then I have to ask 'A check?  Tell me they weren't that stupid to get a check. There is always a paper trail, yanno...