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Babbling Brook, Raging River

Back home there is a saying that goes: "The river only makes a sound when it is carrying rocks.

The small minds that flow in the river of public opinion, only roar when they encounter rocky friction that slows their lazy flow.  When it does their lazy inertia-driven flow, churns into an angry froth of commotion and tumult.

And who's the latest contrarian boulder crimping their languid march towards the sea of socialism?

Sarah Palin has garnered a lot of attention from the river lately. As Charles Krauthammer stated: "Perfect evidence on how liberals are obsessed with Sarah Palin".

The standard operating procedure for the left is to ridicule anyone opposing you, and vilify anyone whom you can not ridicule. At times, the river babbles like a brook.

... At others the river rages in blind hate and fury:

WARING: Strong language and obnoxious music.  I would hardly encourage everyone that if you are going to play the video below, to do so with the mute on.

Could you imagine the heckles and cries to heaven that would be heard, if a band would give a similar treatment to say: Barbara Boxer, or Hillary Clinton?  But that's a whole 'nuther discussion.

Yesterday, Massa John made public his inner desire, to add an XM-25 or two to the Castle Argghhh Armoury Collection.  Ostensibly to counter the defilade of Zombies lurking in the dead-space by his creek, he stated. Well, me thinks that I've found just the right target for Massa's new toy.  Its name: GWAR.

I for one, will keep on judging the character of those opposing the left's agenda by the volume and fury of the socialist river.



I didn't know these guys were even still around. Went to a concert by them in Atlanta back in like 91 because a friend of mine had tickets and swore they were the best thing since sliced bread.

I figured someone had removed them from the genepool by now
 Apparently, they're from Richmond, Virginia. Does that excuse them?

Fresh Poultry from Richmond???
I grew up on a river and no way would I stand that close when it’s like that, saw to many drowned bodies from people doing just that.