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Should I feel threatened?...

By the new TSA motto: "We handle more packages than FedEx!"?

*Sigh* ...  


"You're in good hands with the TSA."
 "Fly United"

 To be fair, the same procedures apply to Air Force One. Before the President boards Air Force One, a member of the Marine guard steps forward and grabs the President's crotch to verify there is nothing there.
I know for a fact, that doesn't happen.  I know people on the detail.

Then again, who would you like to "inspect"  The One?  or M'chelle?
For seadog:
Slick never was too particular...
@ MAJ Mike, As Bob Hope said many years ago,  "Is that 'good hands' or one finger?

@ J.M. Heinrichs, "Fly United". Be a good leader and show us how, you're receiving.
Does Nancy get the finger now? One would hope.

Reply to Skip: Certain members of congress, thier staff  and other goverment officials are exempt from the TSA searches. Of course in the back of your mind you kind of knew that already.

One suggestion from a bud who's a quasi-frequent flyer.

He's gonna stick a dollar bill into the shirt pocket of the first TSA who gropes him.

And then wave a fiver and ask for a replay.
I was thinking about stuffing my pants with a tube sock, just so that I had some junk to get played with...

Seadog- Poor Marine.
That "escapade" sounds TOO tempting! LOL
 @Skip and @Dave,

Skip: "Does Nancy get the finger now? One would hope." 

Dave: "Certain Members of Congress and their staff and other government officials are exempt from the TSA searches." I talked with a retired JAG on this one subject, his answer was interesting. He said, "In the realm of National Security, *ALL* Members of Congress, their staffs at anytime they're flying, *SHALL* be ready to go through a TSA Inspection. This is true of both government and commercial flights. It does *not* say they will go through an inspection, just a possibility. Any time they are not inspected, it is a courtesy. Above all things, assume nothing. Grumpy, you were in the Military, did they teach you how to spell the word, *ASS-U-ME*?" My response, while fighting to keep a straight face, "Yessir!"

Skip: The only problem with Nancy "getting the finger", she just might enjoy it!

Conclusion: Just when you thought things couldn't get any more screwed up, you cross paths with Annabelle and BillT.  Well, we have only just begun.
 I like the idea of rent-a-burkas so that we can all be Muslim women.
United we grope, divided we fall?
"You won't see England,
You won't see France
'Til we see inside
Your underpants."

"Don't worry, my hands are still warm from that last guy..."

If they stick me in the backscatter X-ray machine, I'm gonna wait 'til the light comes on, then scream,  grab my head, and fall backwards out of the machine, yelling, "WTF did you do that for?"

I guarantee *no*body who sees me will step inside it...
If you do, you had better expect to be arrested and prosecuted.  THAT is what this country has become.  Thanks to the fine "Law Enforcement".  Or more accurately, "Thugs with Guns" since they will not bother to honor their oath of office.

I only posted once, but it's here twice!  I think I see how you came up with the name for this blog...
Does that mean the TSA agent who is unfortunate enough to get Janet Incompatano gets to play little Dutch boy?
What would make you think ANYONE would get Janet?  Or Eric?  Or Harry?  Or...  The list goes on.  And whilst Grumpy is probably TECHNICALLY correct, the actual chance of that happening is somewhat less than the probability that Ted Kennedy will be re-elected to the Senate from Massachussetts.  Because after all that IS a Democrat state.
@Mark Matis, It is interesting to read your response, but it forces me back into history. This is not just American History, but my family's history in this Nation. But if we look at my family history, one maternal grandmother came from Ireland. But the rest of the family came from South Jersey. With the exclusion of my Great-Grandparents from Ireland, the rest were involved with the Civil War. Then their Great-Grandparents were involved with the Revolutionary War or the events that led up to it. We have words like networks and passwords,  are these new words or concepts? During the Pre-Revolutionary War Time, far from it. there was a riddle. You could say our country was built upon a riddle. This wan no innocent child's riddle. The right answer got you into the meeting, which wanted to attend. The wrong answer you into a meeting with the hangman's tree.. The idea was to see if were or not, a "friend of the king". If you were a "friend of the king", you were therefore against the New Nation. Therefore, you were liable to be hanging around in the pinelands, by your neck,  literally. This was only if you were trying to attend some of this Nation's early secret meetings. You must choose one or the other, there is only one acceptable answer and actually applies to every responsible citizen. The riddle, "Can you tell me. is it the King is law or is it the Law is the real king?" There's less less than 100 years of peace between the two wars.

BTW, have they ever removed Kennedy from the "Terrorist Watch List"?  Yes, I know he died., but that doesn't keep them from looking for him.  Details. details.

In closing, my point is this, no politician should impose anything on the American People, that is not an actual routine part of their own and family's lives.  They should also *never* make money from it.