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Not Your Grandpappy's "Das Boot"

Take a tour of Germany's Bundesmarine U-33:



Herr Kapitan is so YOUNG! 

Looks like a darn good boat, well thought out, well built and spotlessly maintained.  It did not look like there is muchinthe way of damage control provisions, especially watertight doors, so these may have sacrificed that for small size. 

As a non-nuclear boat, with a crew of only 28, these are probably affordable (relativley speaking) and as with many previous German submarine designs, will probably be sold to other nations.  Hopefully only those friendly to us. 
Quite small isn't it?  And with 13 fish, it looks like it really is designed for coastal defense rather than say... Atlantic operations.  And I find that strangely comforting.
They would work well in the Arabian (Persian) Gulf, especially controlling the straits of Hormuz...
I can tell you, without a doubt, I am not cut out for submarine duty.  Man.  Talk about a special breed of Sailor!
Still very claustrophobic...
It's a bloody terrifying sight to be a target on a torpedo range.....I was on the uppers during an ex, and the German Navy was nice enough to put a light on the heavy-weight torpedo they were using (no warhead, just driving it around using wire-guidance) I saw it coming, then could see it beelining for the next ship.....

All a ship is to a sub is a target....
"They would work well in the Arabian (Persian) Gulf, especially controlling the straits of Hormuz..."

Iran knows that...

Torpedo room looks terribly cramped for reloading, unless maybe only some of the tubes are designed for reloading from within the submarine.
When I was in 'A' school at newport, a Chief Quartermaster who was a bubblehead came into the class when we were filling out our "dream sheets" and tried to talk us into turning into bubbleheads. A couple of the guys had already been to sea on Subs and I think they went back. The rest of us liked blue skies and horizons far too much to listen to him seriously.
Quatermaster, when were you there?

Spent 5 weeks waiting for a 6 week school then three weeks waiting for orders.  11/67 - 1/68

Watched a Phillipino crew (picking up a used tin can) see their first snow in the breakfast line one moring. From the back of the line comes a snowball. Then the fun began. They forgot about the cold.

A few weeks later I was drinking San Miguel in Subic Bay.
I was there July 28 - Sept 15 1972. QM 'A' was only 5 weeks when I went through. I wanted to go to WESPAC but got sent to the Med instead. I waited 2 weeks for my course to begin. I didn't see one Phillipino while I was there. In fact the place was lily white. I was a bit surprised at that.

I liked Newport, though. Spent most of my time out of class sailing. The Naragansett was a nice place for that. I was the only enlisted man in the special services sailing course.
You are probably correct. It was quite a while ago.

Wish I knew about the sailing classes.

My dream sheet was for East coast oilers. Got West coast destroyers. Meet the USS King (DLG-10) in Subic Bay.