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Caption Contest - Gallant Naval Aviator Edition

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Izzat the new supersecret 6th Gen Naval Fighter?



"Need attachment points for the Hellfire!"
I see no arrestor hook....

 No arrestor hook needed. He has to add power to catch up to the carrier.
Uh oh!!  *Somebody* is going to be in trouble when Mr. DeBille finds out you outed his sooper sekrit weapon of mass dysfunction.
The effect of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid DoD budget cuts.
President Obama today unveiled his new Defense Budget which includes funding for a new generation of Naval aircraft. "I am confident," Obama said, "that this budget generously addresses our defense needs for the foreseeable future."

Reactions from Beijing, Pyongyang, Teheran and Moscow were reported to be wildly enthusiastic.
pretty stealthy...
At least the pilot shouldn't have to worry much about heat-seeking missles...

I believe this is the definitive of the old brown shoe Navy.

Navy has already taken care of the caption. It's BillT's new "Sound Of Freedom" (or Spirit of Liberace, depending on how you view things). Chck it out at,
Are we talking "COIN"? If so, step back and visit reality, every so often. 
Hay, is that a training wheel on the nose gear?
With the impending cancellation of the F-35B, the Marines were forced to scale back their plans for a STOVL aircraft.
That looks like a steerable nosewheel, brakes, and a better engine than the original V8. His lifejacket looks authentic, though.
The Navy's success with in-flight variable-geometry wings influenced this latest effort, an on-launch v-g prototype ASW aircraft, tentatively assigned the name "Plunger.".

Four tenths of a second into the launch, the entire aircraft folds into a compact mass, reducing profile and parasite drag by 90% and enabling the the aircraft to attain its maximum airspeed (150 knots) *and* range (75 yards horizontally, 10 stories, vertically) -- simultaneously.

Weapons suite is presently limited to depth charges, although PM Plunger expressed his confidence that, pending a $2.4B addition to his budget,  "we can probably get some sort of torpedo on it within five years, and perfect the release mechanism within ten."
And the guns will be one M1911 in each holster.
You go to war with the Navy you have.....
For Skip:
Guns???!!!  This is the Obama Administration.  They ain't gettin' no steenkin' guns!!!

Now Korans, on the other hand...

 No dust on this baby!