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Beat it

The Chicoms quietly are providing support to the Norks' shenanigans.  In response out fearless leaders can do nothing but write sternly written letters. 

Say Herow, Hanz Bricks:
(Warning: Strong NSFW Language)

Which makes me wonder...  Will the time come when the Red Chinese once again don their Mao Suits and tell us all to Beat It, before they stick their other glove up our nether region?



First, it isn't really "Red" China anymore, it's more of a totalitarian government adapting to a state-dominated capitalist economy.

Second, China isn't propping up the North so much as trying to keep a lid on things, and hope like hell it doesn't blow up in their face. A meltdown in North Korea could do significant damage to China's economy and security. They don't want to take over the place for the same reason South Korea doesn't; it would take hundreds of billions of dollars and at least a couple of decades to begin to straighten the country out.

Even if China did want to take on that tar baby, South Korea would have a fit. There aren't any good solutions.

Casey, the term for the type of state you describe is "fascist." Don't tell the Red Chinks, though. They might get upset and devalue their currency a bit more.

Please describe Chinese media reaction to the event? An explanation of such would help.
Qm, ain't that the kind of state 52% of us voted for in '08?  Ok, maybe "Corporatist" would be more accurate. I don't care for it, either way.
JTG, Corporatism is a form of Fascism. Krupp and Thyssen, for example, didn't like the NSDAP too awful much as it was rising. But when they saw what it was going to bring them, they loved it. Alas, for them, they could make all the money they wanted, but they also found they had to toe Hitler's line as well. Italian Industrialists learned the same hard lesson starting in 1923.

For now, the oligarchs in this country think they are in the driver's seat. If the Tea Party doesn't break their hold, then the oligarchs will learn the same lesson the Krupp family learned. Alas, we don't have a USA to rescue us from our stupidity as the Germans did.
QM - You are right on target.  I couldn't have stated it better.
QM, your comments are right on the mark.  We're seeing an extension of "crony" capitalism on the road to corporatism/fascism.

Not sure what us guys at the bottom can do about it.
Well, for all you depressed people out there - there was a similar dynamic at work when Woodrow Wilson was President, and when Franklin Roosevelt was in the throes of building out the New Deal.

The corrective is the ballot box.  It's worked before, it can work again.

Just don't let them distract you with the bread and circuses.

Of course, for the long-term fix, we've got to fix the schools and run Gramsci into the dustbin of history.
AKAK, I'm not sure where you're coming from with that question.

QM: you are correct. In fact, you are one of the very few people who has correctly linked Corporatism to Fascism that I've seen the past few years. So I would have to say, yes, China now has a Fascist government. ;)