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And... here's one for Dusty...

...and, frankly, all of us ordnance-geeks. frenchman-and-a-hog-a-10.jpgFrench air force Maj. Yann Malard exits an A-10C Thunderbolt II after a mission Nov. 10, 2010, at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. Major Malard is an assistant duty officer with the 75th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron. He is deployed with the American unit as part of the three-year foreign exchange pilot program. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Chad Chisholm)

Sorry, Boq - got nuthin' for ya today!


Now that is a cross-eyed airplane.  I would name it Eric, as in Cartman. (He is a very mean nasty kid, as all of y'all surely know.)

Y'know, I think that squadron should paint all of their airplanes cross-eyed, and name them after the mean kids and mean grownups in South Park.  I wonder who would get to fly Mr. Garrison.
@JTG, Cross-eyed or not, that is not a cigar in his mouth. When he shoots off his big mouth, somebody is going to have a whole lotta grief.
Heeeeyyyy! Dusty had his Warthog; UnkaBill had his Fire belching Cessna, and where's my Taco Truck?
**Sarcasm Warning, Hazmat Gear May be Required**

@Armorer, You being a law abiding citizen and air traveler, you would *never* think of such a thing as this. But there are some, who are less than pleased with the TSA and some of their procedures.

Some would suggest, the above picture is actually of their legal counsel or illegal counsel in their response to the TSA. (Only in their dreams, nightmares or flashbacks.)

John, Welcome home!      ( 8 ^))))
One of the most comforting sounds I ever heard was the horrendous belch of this crosseyed aircraft, once upon a time in the early days of the Afghanistan adventure.  Got a great view of these hogs every day from my backyard, though I dobut they see the glass raised in their honor.
I wonder what an "assistant duty officer" is. Assistant Ops Officer (ADO), maybe? Which would make sense for an exchange officer, depending on rank. isn't crossed-eyed; it's focusing on the shot. Muuuuwaaahahaha!
Oh, look! A frog in a hog!

Sorry. Couldn't resist.


Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear,
And he keeps them pearly white.
When the shark bites with his teeth, dear,
Scarlet billows start to spread.
I still think "Eric Cartman" is a good name for a killer airplane. After all, he'd gotten away with at least three murders by the time he was nine years old. I'm in favor of naming ground-attack aircraft after mean, nasty people. "Hillary" would be good, too.
P.s. Hey, the USN used to give names like Rattlesnake and Alligator to some of our ships. There is a reef around here named "Alligator Reef" after USS Alligator, the first ship to find it, in a bad way.