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A Brush With Congress

Turbo Tax Timmy, can't fight his way out of a computerized tax software program.  Yet, he gleefully enforces our tax code.  Rep. Charles Rangel is unwilling to follow the tax laws that he himself writes.

...And Rep. John Conyers (Chairman of The Judiciary Committee) blatantly violates the the laws that he is entrusted to oversee in their enforcement.

Please watch and feast your eyes:

If this is not proof-positive that we are living in the Late Republican Era of American History, I don't know what is.  Either the Republican principles upon which this country was based upon are reinstated, or we might as well follow Ancient Rome's example.

Though I am not so sure about having  Tinhorned Dictators, Emperors would be nice wouldn't be that bad to have in our history, though.


Representative Conyers is a Preferred Species.  Why on earth would you expect "Law Enforcement" to do anything but grovel at his feet?  I mean, look at Rangel and Waters, fer Chrissakes!  The stench is overwhelming.
Come on December 21, 2012.  Let it be a doozie, to clean out all the crap in the world.  And if that does not do it 2019 should be the answer to these troubles.
We'll have a civil war LONG before either of those dates.