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Zoomie Doggie

In The Air Force, K9's also fly.

(Click for Hi-Res)



Nationalized healthcare in the USA?/!!??  WHEN DOGS FLY.!



Great picture, though I still haven't become used to the berets though.
C'mon, you can SEE the wire!
("I am not on a wire, I am flying!")
(OK, so it's a contrail.  I guess hanging from a contrail takes a bit more skill than hanging from a wire.)

Nice tailwind.
Great call, Cricket , that's a vapor trail, you're seeing the winds' impact at higher altitudes. There is no wire or leash on that dog. The best dog hospital in the World is at Lackland AFB. I would dare say this is where the picture was most probably taken. All Military Dogs are trained there, without exception.
Sic Em Rover!   OUT, Good Dog! 
 Click the Hi-Res and take a look at the Dog's eyes!  You are going down after that is up to my Boss!
Ron - USAF Security Police/Forces have worn the beret since the 1970s.  Fortunately, the rest of the Air Force still doesn't have to, yet.
Thanks for the info Oldloadr. 

I remember the SP's did ('74), thought that USAF might have went down the same PC road as the Army.
They're taking away our unit ball caps now. If they try to make us wear beret's, I'll just wear blues to and from the hangar...
@Ron Snyder, You are really kicking up some old dust, 40+ years ago. As I remember it, I believe there were four berets, red, green, black and blue. It started a real *chit storm*, when the 'smart people' made the decision for everybody to go the black berets. The rest of us had our fatigue cap and our 'flying saucer'. Then, we also had our 'v*gin*l headgear, this was 'barracks' or slang term for it,

Ironically, this was seen in the same light as a "Stolen Valor Issue". Tradition had great value.