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The Visible 7.62x39mm C-Drum

Some kinks in the system should be ironed-out, me thinks:



Shouldn't we drop them by the thousand to our "friends" overseas?
"Shouldn't we drop them by the thousand to our "friends" overseas?"

Along with all those "new and improved" C4 detonators. LOL
If you need to *see* how much ammo you have left, you haven't been paying attention.
Hey, at least they're sure to comply with Federal regulations.  No way that thing is gonna go auto!
There are clips to hold the cover on which the morons failed to engage. Watch the slow speed and you can see one of the clips drop into position after the cover fails, it is at the 2 o'clock position on the drum.
I'm with Dave on the "morons" comment regarding the magazine.  I'd also like to see farther downrange.  They seem to be shooting into the dirt near buildings and such - ricochet city?

Now, under the "bug/feature" paradigm, shouldn't we rename it to automatic de-loader ???
Looks like nitwits at work.

Note the heavily travelled road about 200-300 yards down range.  I dont know what they were firing at, but it looks like it is in someones farm area with no suitable backstop and little regard for what is beyond.

Idiots like this give the rest of us a bad rap.  Besides their failure to read the basic instructions for their new mega-mag toy.

Besides, real rifle shooters only need one shot. 
I also noticed an apparent steel cover hanging by its hinge off the bottom of the magazine. Did these guys try to fire it with a display cover in place, and the real cover hanging open? The Romanian and Chinese magazines I've seen have two clips at 10 and 2, plus the hinge at 6 oclock to hold the cover on. I'm not sure what would hold a clear cover on at the 6 oclock position. In this case, apparently nothing.