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Swedish Honor Guard

Meanwhile in Stockholm, a future honor guard is in training:



I love it!
I love it.
I remember as a kid visiting Sweden in 1970 being in awe of their palace guards. thanks
If I recall, there was another clip of a young lad rendering honors to H.M. Forces in the UK.  I'd like to get these two fellows together...

In fact, here's a challenge:  Find as many clips of youngsters emulating (in a repectful manner, of course) the movements of their active duty seniors...

What say ye?
... Essex Scottish uniform.

@J.M. Heinrichs, These are  *excellent comment and videos.*  They are *good examples for the adults.*
The kid with the candians was in Belgium. Still, the eyes right was a very nice touch.
Awww, yeah, that 'eyes right' for the kid was awesome.