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Role Models

We has them.




 Amen! Sheepdogs rule!
I count 7

Good job Dave, focus on the mostly irrelevant...  you related to JTG?  Could be the guy with the checked scarf is an interpreter, or such, eh?

Nah, he's just one of the guys enabled by that judge's decision!
One medic, six shields, one of whom may be an interperter.
Credit where it is due. 7 soldiers where there to protect, to me that is a bigger statement than 6. That and some weird need and ability deep in my brain to be able to scan something and give a count ala Rain man (no I cannot do the toothpick trick).
So... you *are* related to JTG!
Hey! quit picking on the weird guy!  I'll have you know that the sonar nerd played by Wally Cox was an essential character in "The Bedford Incident."  Owhell, they all got blown up anyway.
I'm feeling immune to criticism right now anyway, as I have my Alford CD playing. "Cavalry of the Clouds" is the current track, which makes me think of Bill.   In a little while, it'll get to the  last track, which is "The Mad Major."  (my favorite Alford march)

Shai Dorsai!!

Makes me proud to have had a prior association with such men.

Wearing Army green for 24 years was one of the best experiences of my dull and boring life.  My enlistment oath is still valid.  At age 60, I'd gladly defend my nation and its Constitution.

As for music, I'm listening to the "Panzerleid".

Umm.  That would be "Panzerlied."  Jtg, Pedant 1/c.  

P.s. "Panzerleid" is what you feel when yer tank is all alone; you have just thrown a track,there are no other friendly tanks or infantry anywhere near you, the enemy infantry is swarming all over yer tank like ants and pouring gasoline into every crevice, so as to make a better display when they back off a bit and shoot you with shaped-charge rockets.
I love German martial music. Panzerlied is my favorite. But then, I was a 13E in my Army NG incarnation. Had lottsa fun there. I was even accused by the Company Co of being insane. He did smile when he said that, however.
QM, I used to have an album recorded by the band of the 11th Panzer-Grenadier division.  I used it sometimes, to retaliate against neighbors on the other side of the thin wall who were playing loud rock-n-roll when I needed to sleep, so as to get up in the morning and go to work. I would push the speakers up to the wall and turn it up to 11. They generally surrendered at "Fehrbelliner Reitermarsch" but some of the hard cases held out until "Mit Bomben und Granaten."