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I really like this picture...

Not just because it's full of kewl modern technology - but because it's also full of kewl not-so-modern technology. And history. Because in the background behind Corpus Christi is Missouri, and to the right, farther back... Arizona.
PEARL HARBOR (May 18, 2010) Dry Dock 1 at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard is flooded during the undocking of the Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS City of Corpus Christi (SSN 705). City of Corpus Christi was in dry dock for a maintenance availability. (U.S. Navy photo by Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Dustan Longhini)

Well, that and I also think that the Navy's blue cammies are kinda silly-looking. Especially on a submarine. Click the pic for a larger version.


Kinda silly?

If they wanted to be camoflaged they shoulda painted pipes and valves and cabinets and hatches on the suits.

Way cool picture, certainly. Is that radar paint above the waterline?
Got to see Big Mo up close and personal as it went up the Columbia River a few years ago on it's last *tour* before heading out to HI.  Impressive as hell that bad boy is.
I don't know - kinda looks like a suppository with some scaffolding tacked on it.  Navy never had much draw to me.  Still - sure glad we have them.  ML
I'm guessing that darker paint is a non-skid type of paint, but then I'm an airdale, not a bubblehead.
Navy Cammies are just silly everywhere.

Drydocks are pretty amazing.
The new Navy cammies are even sillier than the new blue Air Force cammies. I remember reading a book about cammy patterns, a while back. It had pictures, even. The author remarked that some of the more effective patterns were rejected by troops of all ranks, because they thought they made them look unkewl and unmanly.

What the hell is wrong with dungarees and blue chambray shirt?
JTG, there ain't a thing wrong with Blue Chambray and Dungarees. Not a blessed thing. Those new uniforms were turned out by the fakes that command the Navy these days. Wearing cammo ship board is beyond silly.

When I went in back in the dark ages of '72, teh Navy was trying to introduce a new working uniform they called utilities. It consisted of a pull over shirt and Company work uniforms like straight legged pants. After we got out of Boot, one of teh first things all of us bought were Blue Chambray shirts and Seafarer dungarees. Seafarers did not wear quite as well as the issue dungarees, which were still available at small stores, but they looked a lot better. I thought they were more comfortable than the issue stuff.

Bubbleheads have worn "Poopie suits," a type of coverall, for years. They were dark blue. The color didn't really matter because if you were "overboard" from a sub, you had far bigger problems than not being seen, and it wasn't likely you were alone. The problem is similar to a problem with  a sub's screen door.
Yup, QM, when we kicked the ass of the Nipponese Empire, the enlisted folks in the USN were wearing dungarees and blue chambray while doing great horrendous execution against the Enemy.
I never even considered the Navy.  When at war the ships go out trying to sink the enemy's ships while they try to sink ours, with too much success for me.  I couldn't handle the "sink to the bottom and run like hell for shore' bit.  As for submarines, I like to sleep with the window open.

Walter Clark
Quartermaster has it. 1st thing I did was ditch the "utilities"  and buy "Seafarer" brand  chambray and denim dungarees....Loved the way the traditional dungarees looked.  Still do.
Was not Yorktown in that dock, just before Midway? I think I recall seeing a picture.
Nice pic.

On the cammies...

I'd of thought the USN would have gone with something like the emergency orange shades that deer hunters use. After all, if you fall in the water you don't really want to be water colored, do you?

This whole cammie thing, from both the USN and USAF was way too much like what the US Army with through with the silly hat thing.
Oh, the name of that boat?  The Navy originally was just going to name her "Corpus Christi", but the Vatican blew a head gasket when they heard about that, so the name was changed. I don't see what their problem was, as there was a "Santissima Trinidad" at Trafalgar.  (whose cat escaped at the absolute last second)
Yup, Grimmy, if you're going to have silly hats, they should be _really_ silly.  I vote for shakos. (hey, you can keep handkerchiefs, and notebooks, and stuff, up in there)
Nah, it wasn't the Vatican, Jtg. Just a couple of ultra-Lib bishops beating the drums and getting all the play in the MSM.

Dante found a place for their ilk...
And Band Geek shows up!  C'mon JTG, tell us how one day, at band camp, they gave you all those really kewl hats!

Mind you, I like band geeks. They kept the fans entertained while the coach was exhorting us at half-time, and after the game the french hornista had a pretty amazing embouchure.
Sailing into Pearl is an amazing experience. Then again, sailing on a man of war anywhere in the Pacific could certainly get the imagination of a young man boiling over. We swam on the beach at Midway and I realized where we were and that 30 some years earlier the battles were fought right on that ground. Amazing stuff history.

Blue cammies look more like a freaky pair of Grandma Pants. I suppose they feel good in the air conditioned engineering spaces though. Not that I'm implying any pussification taking place, just sayin'.
"french hornista..." That sounds kind of dirty or nasty or something, somehow.
P.s. Hey,  I never had to pay as much as a penny to watch a football game. I watched my high school team kick all asses by scores like 60-0, and then watched Ga. Tech reliably lose to damn' near evverbody. Hey, at least they always beat the point spread!
P. p. s. John, if you are thinking what I think you are thinking, the brass-wind players are not the droids you are looking for. They keep the mouthpiece entirely outside of their mouths. Now, the clarinetists, and the oboeists, and bassoonists...

Yes, I was a clarinetist. Feel free to point at me and laugh.

"A marching band without clarinetists is like _______________________________ ."
A marching band without clarinetists is not a military band. It is a Salvation Army band.

- Jtg, at the Right of the Line, with the Colors. 

P.s. I will now cue up "The Mad Major" to soothe my feelings. It has a great solo clarinet part in the trio.
Well, actually soli.
The shape of the boat is interesting.  Albacore and Skipjack were much-better streamlined, with the diameter expanding smoothly and then contracting smoothly, going from bows to stern. That boat is pretty much a right circular cylinder, except for the ends.  Maybe somebody looked at a torpedo and noticed that they go pretty fast, though mostly cylindrical?