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Hoyer's Scent Of Desperation (Updated)

You all know that I am working my butt-off to get MAJ Charles Lollar (USMCR) in the House of Representatives. And I still, would encourage everyone to consider contributing to his campaign.

However the reason for this entry:
In a candidates' forum held at the Charles County Chamber of Commerce in Waldorf Maryland, an interesting exchange occurred between Steny Hoyer (D) and Charles Lollar (R).  I wish I could have made it to that forum,  I would have love to see the it live.  Alas, though I got plenty of behind-the-scenes intel., the closest I can come is through the magic of youtube.

In this clip, The Majority Leader goes on into a long winded BravoSierra tirade.  This prompted the Marines Major to educate the supposed expert in budgetary process, the constitutional role of Congress in creating the budgetary mess we are in.  Having been put on his place, the honorable Mr. Hoyer could only produce a nervous grin.

However, please look at (04:39).  Once the microphone was cut-off, Representative Hoyer mouthes-off to MAJ Lollar: "I'm coming after you Lollar; I'm coming to get you".  Later in the exchange, as they were shaking hands, Mr. Hoyer repeated the threat, to which MAJ Lollar just said: "I'm ready for you, brother".

As I was told all of this, I was struck with this thought: In a political race, isn't it the role of the challenger to come after the incumbent, and not the other way around?  Such things only happen, when there's the scent of desperation in the air.


Oh yeah, I know what you mean JimC.  That's me in the picture agitating the thoroughfares of Upper Marlboro early this month.  I've always looked good in blue, you know.



An out of shape lifelong politician is going to "come after" an experienced Marine.  Okay, under the three rules taught by the USMC, the Major is probably polite, most likely professional, and experienced at being prepared to kill everyone he meets. I would even bet he owns firepower.  Anyone want to guess the most likely result if the old pol gets froggy?
BOQ during my recent drive through rural Maryland from BWI to Lexington Park the big Hoyer signs outnumber the smaller Lollar signs by 4 or 5 to 1.  Lollar shows a picture of himself Hoyer has no party ID and has the Maryland flag as a background.  Lollar is using a dark medium blue and Hoyer is using white for their colors.  I am sure the white color is significant too.  I hope Hoyer is in trouble -- he needs to be.