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Helicopter pilot... or jet pilot? Updated (or izzat uprated?)

You decide.  [Huge Honking NSFW due-to-F-bombs Warning.]

Heh.  Dusty is going to throw the flag for "piling on."

H/t, JW for the second vid.


Did Bill make that?
THAT was priceless!

(I'm thanking Sky Six that I'm an Infantryman...)
Did Bill make that?

%$#@!, no...

Channeling my inner Unkabill:

Perchance Dollar Numbers At!!! O Noes!!!
 More pilots in action:

I'm not sure I'd want to be a Kiwi Helo Pilot out and about in the world after that, err, whatever it's called.

People like our man BillT will be gunning for them.
Its so true. Though, they don't even attempt to tell a crew chief anything, which we generally are okay with...
Any aviator who has to wear two sets of wings is trying too hard to impress someone, most likely himself...I thought this was a bad idea when the Zoomies started wearing their jump wings and their pilot or nav wings, but it's REALLY bad when you have to wear two sorts of pilot wings. Hell, the great big wristwatch ought to be enough to go with one set of wings...
Tell you're not serious, Rivrdog...then go look at the average Army O-6's uniform, better yet, the average Army Special Forces Colonel's uniform. John and BillT probably have enough metal (not to mention medals) that they can hardly stand up straight when in Class As. 

My point? Don't begrudge the personal professional achievements of others. It doesn't become you.

Oh, by the way, I wore the jump wings. Proudly.
My Master Aviator wings pull the left side up to counter the weight of my NDSM ribbon...
" NDSM ribbon..."

The North Dakota School of Miscreants?  You gave yourself a ribbon from a *school* you invented?
Probably the National Defense Service Medal. Methinks Bill's being modest...waaay modest. Probably has more Air Medals than Carter has liver pills, and that's just one type.
???Jimmy Carter has liver pills???
Wrong Carter. That one has liver spots.