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Dog Day Afternoon

Best buds.

Molly provides a warm little pocket of happiness for Suellen. And the excessive cuteness of it all melts an Armorer's heart. Damncat sez, "Attention whorez."


I've got a 'team' like this one-never thought to post a photo of them snuggling-
Tigger -the tiger cat is - indeed- the boss..of us all!!

We're 1/2 way to the goal -Valour IT!!

Looks like Suellen is finding her place within the Castle guard.
Awww!   Makes me want to nuzzle each of them behind the ears, except that that might wake them up.

Hey! I know a good thing about Mohammed.  He was sitting at a table and his kitteh fell asleep on the expensive sleeve of his silken shirt. Rather than wake the kitteh when he needed to get up, he took his knife and cut the sleeve off.