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Castle Pr0n

Bill is off being a hero. I'm playing with my toys.

Hmmm. There's something vaguely disturbing about that, but I think I won't dwell on it.

Gun Platform, Phase II, complete.

Gun Platform, Phase II, Section Chief's view.

Yeah, I know. Very naval-looking.  Phase III when I decide how to proceed.

Larger versions of each pic available here and here.

And, I should note - still no blood has been shed, even though saws, nails, drills, hydraulic jacks and hammers have been in evidence. No bayonets or curio cabinets though, which probably explains the lack of exsanguination.  There hasn't even been a banged digit, though there was a close call.


It's very pretty. Are you still going with stone for Phase III? Are you going to taunt the silly English knights from your ramparts? Maybe fling a few goats at them?
 'Nasal'- as in "up your nose, you Englisher"?


I'm thinking that a roof (cover?) of some sort may be in order.  The monsoon season is almost here.
Looks good. Treat yourself to a nice lunch, but skip the sharp cheddar. No point in taking unnecessary risks.
Very nice indeed! You could skip the castle theme and go right to the "gundeck" theme- though some might say you've been gundecking the  whole project.
If you put a roof over the item, perhaps you could build a little three sided, roofed gun position which looks like the inside of an old sailing ship's gun deck.    Maybe make it look like a cannon on an old schooner or light frigate circa 1812 or so?  I am aware that the carriage does not fit the image, but you could make it an "improvised" scenario.  After all, they used naval cannon on land at the Battle of New Orleans, so you can use a land cannon in a ship setting.
You could tie in all branches of service: Army cannon, Navy ship, any Marines could be ship crew, and the Air Force part comes in when you "Aim High".
The EPA is undoubtedly going to be unhappy about any discharge of that weapon which releases particulates into the atmosphere.  Surely you are planning on installing scrubbers at the outlet of the barrel to alleviate that violation?  After all, Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) is required for recreational sources such as yours:

The EPA is welcome to stand at the muzzle and measure to their heart's content.
Loooking _good_!
All things considered, I'd rather have been working on the platform...
Actually, many, many issues from a naval perspective.  Sort of an Alamo look, methinks.
Work with me, Centurion. But the Alamo bit does resonate.
Bill (the NCO) is playing the hero, while the officer (Most Excellent John Donovan) is playing with his toys....

Not gonna say nothin'. Nope. No comment. Not gonna touch that one with a 12-foot pike... ;)

Centurion, as I first read your comment, I thought we had a *navel gazer*. Whew, I read it again, you say from a *naval perspective*, I'm glad I was wrong. We already have enough *navel gazers*.

John, you have created a nice placement  for your piece at the Castle, but not for the Alamo. The actual Alamo was not big enough for such a piece. There was a great deal of folklore about this little mission church, built from adobe in Mexico. At the time, Texas was not a part of the United States, during the Mexican- American War.

Note- Casey is in need of a 13+ foot pole!
Bill - you gonna give back some of that retired pay overpayment, since Casey just made you a NCO, vice the RLO-turned Warrant that you are?

Grumpy - see this map for the location of cannon at the Alamo, and here fora discussion of the guns involved in the fight.  I suspect the Centurion is referring to the guns that were mounted along the walls, on raised mounds.