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Caption Contest - Vice Presidential Ghey Edition



"Son, you ain't in prison... yet.  No need to practice."

"I don't work for you, son.  I work for Boss Hogg.'

Biden tries to get out of a DUI.



I know they revoked 'don't ask, don't tell,' but you are just moving way too fast there, Mr. Vice.


Thawt bubble of guy in back:

"I think his technique lacks a certain subtlety, but...he never did that to me!"
"As a matter of fact, that is a pistol in my pocket."
And another reason why Nobama is safe as President !   Who would want this nitwit as Pres?
What we got a failure to communicate
Cop:  "Mr. Vice President, are you one of those "metro-sexuals"?
Biden:  "Don't worry, Officer, I've been told I was the single best decision they ever made!"
Headlines: Local police officer charged with assault for beating VP with a rolled up program.  VP expected to recover. 
Now THAT'S a big fuggin deal!
C'mon boy, just give me back my deferment and there won't be a problem..........

"Higher and faster."
Mr. Big:  "Boy, yer gonna remove that hand right this minute or I will rip it off."

Guy on the far right:  "The man ain't jokin', Mr. Vice-President.  You better listen."

Guy on the far left (Army?):  "Oh, so that's why they want DADT gone."

Guy in the middle:  "This isn't a restroom, is it?"

Biden:  "Was my knee always this fat?"
Cop: "Keep that up and you'll be tickling your own tonsils, with that hand....*The Long Way !*"
 "You don't look anything like George Clooney."


"Yes, Mr. Vice, that is a pistol in my pocket, and no, I am not happy to either see or feel you."

 Cop (thinking): "He puts that hand any higher, and what I do to him will make getting jumped by Secret Service worth it."

Biden's infamous lack of understanding:  You cop a feel, not feel a cop.

OMG, Cricket.  You win.
I hereby award Cricket five Internets.
She doesn't comment here as often as she used to, but when she does, it's a gem!
Feel a Cop - BWHAHAHA!
Awww...shucks.  I was just doin' my duty, kind sirs.

I get into snarky fits when I have lots of irons in the fire.

Thank you!
Reminds me of what Temple Grandin said to B.F. Skinner when he put his hand on her thigh: " You may look, but you may not touch!"
I was kinda hoping that Argent would show up here and trump all other captions with some kind of extremely smartass witty remark.