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Caption Contest (Electric Doodad Edition)



the new frame for the Volt, does look bigger, but can it get all the way from the graveyard to the polling station on a single charge?
It'sss......not done yet, but you need to fund the project before we can know what it'll do. 

It's the car Congresscritters drove into the ditch.

It's a representative scale model of the economy.

I think I'll just keep sucking on my slurpee.
"It's a battery-powered hourglass. I made it as an example of one of the few things more useless than your foreign policy, and the only thing more useless than your domestic one. Sir."
Somewhat related comment:  This meeting is a result of the White House Science Fair.  My alma mater's team has won the national science competition two years in a row and were in attendence.  Chances are, that girl was a member of the "engineering" team competition.
I think it's a high-efficiency row-crop sprayer. And I think he has no idea of what row crops are.
 I see, but is it shovel ready?
 He was hoping for:


Absolutely... yes I agree... naturally it would... interesting concept... and what does this dohicky attached to the thingamabob do?

"Yeah yeah, bla bla bla kid, I don't care what the heck it is, just skip to the part where it makes me look good and helps me get reelected."
It's battery powered, Mr. President. No, batteries... not flatteries... they make things work. Oh heck, just ask Michele!
"I stick this where, exactly?"
"Hi, little girl. If you think this is cool, come back to to the Lincoln bedroom with me and I'll show you some _real_ candy!"

Yes, I really do believe that guy would do _anything_.
Are you sure this thing will work for the mid-terms?

Dayum girl! 

An automatic roller?

I ain't seen a spliff that big since college.

Hey Gibbs, call the DEA.  We needs some chronic for the next concert!

Party in the White House!  Whoop, whoop!
Dayum. This thread went downhill fast.

I know it's fun to beat up on Barry, but some of those remarks (why, yes, JTG, I'm thinking of  you) are just over the line.

Me, I see a very pretty young lady who must have performed a lot of hard smart work on some sort of robotic project -and we know how few young ladies go in for engineering, period- and all she gets here are cheesy cheap shots. :(

And I'm with you, Casey, at least as far as JTG's comment went.

I'm shamed to admit it - but I didn't really consider that *all* the comments met a similar criteria, just not as rough as JTG's comment.
Sorry about that, Chief. I do really hate that guy, though, with a hatred which is not just white-hot, but ultraviolet-hot.
Think of how different it would have been for that young lady if that was "Waco" Bill Clinton instead of "Telepromp" Obama...
 Seems to me the remarks were directed at Mr. Obummer and with less venom than that which was directed at GWB. Presidents are fair game!
Yes, indeed, V29 - which is why I didn't yank this post upon reflection.

That said - the girl is still collateral damage here, and I'm not sure we shoulda shat on her parade like that.
Always the troublemaker; am I Boss?  Hope that the post scheduled for tomorrow doesn't send the oinkering commenting class off the charts.
Oh, I have *no doubt* that it will.  And that your subtle announcement of same will ensure they visit.
John, yes, most of them weren't too bad; I'd probably flag Kevin's remark questionable as well.

As for V29's response, I've heard the "they did it first/worse" complaint far too many times the past couple of years to take it very seriously any more.

That said, I did like some of the captions, like Bill's and Neffi's, and Annabelle's alma mater connection is just cool. BTW, I think she was a finalist, from the photo in Annabelle's link.

 Shame on you Casey for putting words in my mouth. I made no such statement. I merely compared treatment between the two!!!!!!!
Okay- I tihnk this topic has reached it's limit...  ooo - look!  Bright!  Shiny!  Over there!