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A Puzzle!

One of these things is not like the others - and it's not the color.


There is a cat hair or six in the picture - but at this remove it's not terribly useful for scale


I'm assuming they're all powder bags, or perhaps one is a cotton-rolled cheese. Or maybe the small one is a liverwurst.
Mr John is playing with us much like my dog wants to play with the squirrels in the yard.

The large one is a canvas bucket and the small one is something wrapped in cheesecloth. The MIDDLE one is a powder charge.
If they're powder bags, the one on the right would be for something naval and battleship-ish.

I'd guess the one on the left is a blackpower bag for John's salute gun.
The little one looks like one of those Schickhouse baloney's you get to make a sandwich; but it could be something sinister, the middle looks like a powder charge and the big one is a bucket for the Technical. So I guess the bucket.

A drum, a rug, an egg and a BJ. What doesn't go there.
The two on the right look like powder charges while the one on the left is tapered on the end... It must be Jimmy Deans breakfast sausage or possibly some liverwurst.
The one on the left is obviously a potato.
The table is not like the others.

But seriously I think I'll go for the largest one.
The one in the middle looks like a homemade rifle rest.  But I think that's only because of the big dent on top.
I figure the three things we see are all powder charges. What doesn't belong there? The answer is the cat hair, that the Armorer *said* was there.  About that dent on the center one, if I remember correctly, you could make a dent like that on any of the powder charges.
None of those are powder bags, they are not made of silk.  The liverwurst is cute. The other two are just cloth and maybe the large on could be a bucket but one cannot be certain.